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Tragus To Conch Industrial Piercing

Tragus To Conch Industrial Piercing

What do you think of tragus to conch industrial piercing? When you think of an industrial piercing, you think of something similar to this.

traditional industrial piercing

Today, we’re talking about the tragus to conch industrial piercing. This piercing is exactly as it sounds – it’s an industrial piercing connecting the tragus to the conch. But you’re gonna have to have that bar custom bent.

tragus to conch industrial piercing
tragus to conch industrial piercing

What Is Tragus To Conch Industrial Piercing?

The placement with this generally is in the center of the tragus and generally towards the edge and center of the conch.

Now, if you already have one of these two piercings, there’s a chance the angle might be right, but there’s a chance you might have to stretch it up to a slightly larger bar to fit the industrial bar in there.

Typically when we do this piercing, the angle of the bar is going to look similar to a hockey stick, and the bar has to be a little extra long, so you’re going to need to buy a shorter one in the future.

Typically, I like to keep this one nice and parallel and level, but sometimes they angle up, sometimes they angle down – it kind of depends on the look you’re going for.

Industrial Piercing Common Problems

With any industrial piercing, if the angles of the piercings are off compared to the jewelry that’s in there, it will contort tissue and cause bumps and a lot of healing problems, if it even heals at all.

If you’re having problems, seek out your piercer so they can re-angle the bar and make sure it’s going to heal up properly.

The most other common problem people have is sleeping on their piercings. You need to stay off this piercing, whether you get a donut pillow or just sleep on the other side. The less you sleep on this, the faster it’s gonna heal.

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How Long Does A Industrial Piercing Take To Heal?

As far as the general healing time on this, any industrial piercing is gonna take a minimum of six months. That’s under perfect circumstances, but generally, most people take up to a year and sometimes even a little longer.

How Painful Is An Industrial Piercing?

In general, cartilage piercings kind of suck. Now you’re doing two of them and connecting them with one bar.

Because they’re different angles, and it’s going to be a lot of contorting to the ear to get this jewelry in, it does hurt a little bit, but the cool factor is through the roof.

Conclusion On Tragus To Conch Industrial Piercing

Trends do come and go. Back in the 90s, we did quite a few of these tragus conch industrial piercings. These are beautiful piercings. It gives you a ton of options. The only real issue with this one is if you wear earphones, stethoscopes, or earbuds that go in your ears, so that’s the biggest issue. Other than that, tragus to conch industrial piercing is so crazy cool.

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