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How To Choose Earrings for Newly Pierced Ears

How To Choose Earrings for Newly Pierced Ears

In this article, I’ll discuss the best earrings you need to get when it comes to getting an initial piercing, which is a fresh new piercing. So, If you’re considering getting a new piercing, but don’t know how to choose earrings for newly pierced ears, this article is for you.

The Material Of Piercing Earrings

The first thing is material and quality. This is super important when it comes to getting a fresh new piercing or an initial piercing. 

This is important because as soon as you’re making a fresh open wound in your body, which is piercing, you need to make sure the jewelry that’s being healed in your previous is the best material suitable for you, so your body heals properly.

Both 14-karat gold and titanium are perfect products to use. They’re both hypoallergenic, safe tools and nickel-free, so you’ll be okay. If you have any sensitivity or metal allergies, those are the best options to go for when it comes to piercing your ears.

Piercing Earring Type

Next is earring type. This will be a huge variable and will vary depending on the piercer or studio to studio. 

There’ll be two types of earrings that are most common for piercings.

Traditional Stud Earrings

The first one will be those traditional stud earrings with the butterfly back or the little clasp in the back. You can find these literally anywhere. They’re the go-to earring types. We carry these types of earrings, but for us personally, we don’t pierce with any of the traditional earrings. We usually appreciate push back earrings.

Push Back Earrings

push back titanium earring

Truly, the difference between the push back earrings and the traditional earrings is that push back earrings have a flat backing or a flat disc behind the jewelry, which offers a lot more comfort. 

The backing of the earring will sit flush against your ear, it’ll be a lot more comfortable. There will not be a poking stick poking you behind the head or hurting you or causing any kind of irritation or unwanted pain. 

But regardless of both, if you are getting an ear piercing, it is okay to get your piercing with regular traditional earrings. But when you move up towards the conch and helix area, it’s much easier to get pierced with the pushback jewelry because it’s much more comfortable.

What Is A Push Back Earring?

Pushback jewelry is a go-to type of earring. It’s super comfortable, and people love them. So, when it comes to pushback drills and how they work, it is divided. It’s cool how this truly works. There is no threading where you have to screw something on or off. 

These pushbacks are threadless jewelry. So, what you pretty much do is the top jewel has a pin where you bend and fit into the post, which locks the piece into place. These are secure, and they do stay in. They are cool, and people love them.

Plenty Of Options

When you get your ear pierced, it’s not about, “Hey, let me just throw something together, just put something in there.” No, that’s not what we do when it comes to piercing. 

When it comes to this piercing, you have to consider and ensure that you are styling the look together. You’re not just going to throw something on to walk out. 

So, it’s very important when selecting your jewelry option. It will be in your ears for quite some time, so you need to make sure they look good and match your aesthetic, the style you’re going with, and the vibe. It’s super important when it comes to getting jewelry that you pick the style and design you want. 

There are so many different styles to choose from. The sky is the limit. So, remember, it’s really important to keep that in mind when you do go visit a studio. Make sure they have a big jewelry section for styling ears, or you could be comfortable picking some jewelry out to make sure you look good.

Don’t pick anything just to pick anything because that’s all they have. No, you want to make sure they have a big variety of jewelry that you feel comfortable when it comes to adorning your ears and putting a look together. That covers all the bases we need to do when it comes to picking out the right jewelry when it comes to ear piercings.


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