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Truth About Hidden Helix Piercing

Truth About Hidden Helix Piercing

Some piercings create a kind of illusion, and today’s piercing looks like it’s hanging from nowhere. It’s the hidden helix piercing.

What Is A Hidden Helix Piercing?

The hidden helix piercing is a unique piercing because it’s an upper helix piercing where you can see the jewelry hang, but you can’t actually see where it’s pierced.

Where Should Hidden Helix Piercing Be Placed?

This piercing really depends on your anatomy, and where the best placement would be.

But typically, people want to heal this up to where you can wear some sort of chains, some sort of dangle that hangs down there, maybe a spike that points down, but it looks like it’s coming out from the top of the fold of the Helix.

Now typically, you’re going to pierce this almost vertically, but if we angle it back just a little bit so you can’t see where the exit hole is, that is the proper placement.

Hidden Helix Piercing Jewelry

We don’t suggest maybe starting off with chains right away. Start off with something basic.

You’re going to have to have a barbell in there that’s going to accommodate room for swelling, so you might see the bar hang out. But once all the swelling is done, you can downsize to the proper size and change to the fun, fun jewelry. Visit our shop to see more titanium earrings.

Hidden Helix Piercing Common Problems

The most common issue with any helix is sleeping on them and having the jewelry twist while you’re sleeping.

Now, being that this one’s virtually vertical, if you’re sleeping on it, it won’t cause as much damage. So the main issues we’re going to have here would be either sleeping on it, wearing a helmet or if you wore earphones that put pressure on there.

How Long Does Hidden Helix Piercing Take To Heal?

Most helixes take six months, maybe even up to a year, to heal, but hidden helix takes about four to six months.

Pain Level

The hidden Helix is it just like the other helixes?

It’s still a little pinchy, but it’s actually not too bad for a helix piercing.

Tips On Hidden Helix Piercing

Patience is the key to hidden helix piercing. If you can wait it out and heal it, it looks really, really epic. There are all the chains you can hang from there.

You can do little spikes coming off there. Now, that is the only real downfall to this piercing. If you don’t have those fancy pieces of jewelry, stuff is going to be tucked up in there, and you’re not going to see it. But it could also be a perk if you’re trying to have a hideable piercing too.


What do you guys think of hidden helix piercing? Let me know in the comments. Now, if you enjoy this article, you may also like these:

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