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Why Ear Piercing Not Healing

Ear Piercing Not Healing-Top 5 Reasons

My name is Celestine here from the titanium earrings shop. And we’re all about creating unique ear styles and staying trending while expressing your personal style. Getting an ear piercing may seem like a simple and straightforward process. In fact, some people may find that their ear piercings refuse to heal properly, leading to frustration and discomfort. In this article, we will discuss five reasons why ear piercing not healing.

Top 5 Reasons Ear Piercing Not Healing

1. Switching Out Ear Piercing Too Soon

Number one on the ear piercing not healing list is switching out your piercings or jewelry too soon. 

It generally takes six to eight months for your body to heal, and if you’re changing your jewelry way before then, there’s just irritation, and it will cause your piercings not to recover in time or properly. 

So, be patient, wait for the healing process, and switch out your jewelry. If you want to switch out your jewelry, go and check out We ship worldwide, pages of new jewelry, fresh new bling-bling.

ear piercing not healing choose high quality titanium earring can slove

2. Over Cleaning It

Number two on the ear piercing not healing list is over-cleaning. Now, with piercings, less is more, so stop over-cleaning. 

All you need to do is use the same solution morning and night and use it twice a day. You do not need to go crazy continuing cleaning it 20 times a day, five times a day. It is not necessary. If anything, it will irritate even more, and you’ll drive your piercings even more.

3. Touching Your Ear Piercing

Number three on the ear piercing not healing list is messing with it, touching it, playing with it, or even sleeping on it. It is really important for you not to do any of these. 

If you sleep on it, the excessive pressure for those hours can cause the piercings to irritate, your ear may swell, and it could sink in. If you constantly play or mess with your ears or your piercings, that can irritate and cause nasty piercing bumps as well. 

Anytime movement, touching, playing with it, being rough with it, if you get hit, or hug, you have to be careful because you do not want to touch your feet. You just want to leave it the hell alone.

4. Neglecting Your Piercing

Number four on the ear piercing not healing list is neglecting it and not even cleaning it. 

So, if you’re wondering, “Hey, my piercings are still not healing. Man, what’s going on?” How have you been cleaning your piercings? Not really? Don’t even do it at all? 

Boom. You totally have your answer. You have to clean your piercing. Your body is all the healing, but you want to take off all the excess debris, gunk build-up, dry discharge, right pus, bacteria, sweat, and photoshoot body. 

So, that’s why you just switch to really clean all that debris and all that junk and gunk off, and your body’s all the healing. So, you want to ensure you’re still cleaning it because if you’re not, it can go south quickly. 

You need to make sure you take care of it and do not neglect it, especially if you’re seeing a problem like a piercing bump that’s not going away, if your ears start to swell up, and you see the disc sinking in, or if something weird happening. Go to your piercer right away, go to your doctor right away. Please do not wait until your ear is so bad or your piercings are so swollen that it’s hard to save. Do not neglect it and take care of it.

5. Metal Allergies

Number five on the ear piercing not healing list is metal allergies or metal sensitivities. 

You need to make sure you’re using only high-quality materials. For example, platinum, 14-18 carat gold, and even implant titanium or titanium are really important for the initial piercings in your body.

At our store, we only sell pure gold and pure titanium for initial piercings in your body. But if your piercing is healed, we still recommend using high-quality materials. 

You can start off with platinum, and then some silver jewelry, just be careful. Silver just tarnishes and oxidizes, but just stick with the gold, the titanium, and the platinum. It’ll be okay.

So that could be a reason if you’re using other fast fashion metals like nickel, brass, bronze, copper, and so on. Those are all irritating pieces that agitate fresh piercings. 

Some people are lucky, and some people are not. Most of the time, many people are sensitive to nickel and stuff like that. So we’re going to offer some high-quality materials, before you get high-five materials like we said before, check out titanium earrings shop.

We ship worldwide; if you’re looking for gold, we got that. Favorite titanium? We got that as well too. So go and check it out. Social security designs and options you look from. World’s last ship is available.

We understand the importance of being cautious, especially if you have any medical conditions. For instance, if you have a blood disorder like hemophilia, which causes clotting of blood due to a missing clotting protein, or any other medical condition, it is advisable to consult your doctor before getting a piercing. They’ll guide you in the right steps. So that’s something you want to ask and talk to in private with your doctor and have them give the right step to follow.

Conclusion On Ear Piercing Not Healing

In conclusion, proper aftercare and patience are key to ensuring your ear piercing heals properly. Switching out your piercings too soon, not cleaning them regularly, and using harsh cleaning solutions are just a few of the common mistakes that can delay the healing process. Hope this article about five ear piercing not healing may help you.

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