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most dangerous piercings

Most Dangerous Piercings

In this article, we’ll discuss the five most dangerous piercings and why they’re dangerous.

To start off, we’re going to talk about a little disclaimer. The disclaimer is about how any piercing can be dangerous if it’s not done properly.

Any piercing can be dangerous if your supplies and jewelry haven’t been sterilized properly. It can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper anatomy for the piercing, or if you use the wrong type of jewelry style or size. We provide high-quality titanium earrings.

Even a piercer who hasn’t been trained properly can really cause a lot of damage because they might not get the right depth or the right angle. Just because they have a license doesn’t make them an expert in their field.

Snake Eyes Piercing Dangers

First on the most dangerous piercings list, we’re going to talk about is the snake eye piercing or the horizontal tongue piercing. It’s number one on the list because it’s the one we get the most requests for, and it seems to be pretty popular right now.

We need to be careful because this is going to do a lot of damage to our bodies. Why are snake eye piercings dangerous?

First of all, a normal tongue piercing is back far enough where it’s protected against your teeth and your gums. With the snake eye piercings, however, those beads are actually going to cause gum erosion to where your teeth can fall out.

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Also, the metal is rubbing right up against your enamel, and you’re going to get enamel erosion as well, making it thin and irreplaceable.

Another concern is that you’re going to bite down and chomp on those beads all the time, chipping your teeth away. It’s a very dangerous piercing.

Not to mention, you’re told to separate muscles, and what you’re trying to do here is connect them together so they can’t move independently. It doesn’t seem right to me. Listen to your body; it doesn’t seem right. There’s a reason why most piercers won’t do this one.

Collarbone Piercing Dangers

The second common piercing, not as common as a snake eye piercing, is the collarbone or clavicle piercing.

We’re not talking about the surface piercing just under the skin here; we’re talking about a deep under the collarbone piercing. It’s extremely dangerous.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but your lungs come out much higher than you would expect, and we even heard at one point in time that there’s only a five-millimeter gap between your lungs and your clavicle bone. We don’t care how good of a piercer you are; your aim is not that good, and it’s not worth puncturing a lung.

Hand Piercing Dangers

Number three on the most dangerous piercings list is hand piercing.

There are lots of different hand piercings people can get, and it’s not necessarily dangerous to pierce the skin or any part of your hand. What’s dangerous is that it’s an open wound, and your hands touch everything all day long.

The risk of infection goes through the roof. Think about all the door handles you’re touching all day long and all that fecal matter and nasty stuff that’s on there. That’s going right inside your body. That’s asking for infection. That’s why we will never offer any web finger or any sort of hand piercing whatsoever. Be careful with this one.

Eyelid Piercing Dangers

Number four on the most dangerous piercings list, we’re talking about the eyelid piercing, not eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piercings aren’t really that dangerous if done properly.

The eyelid one that covers your eyeball, however, we probably don’t need to go into too much detail why this is dangerous. You’re going to get corneal abrasions, plus the chance of loss of vision, and possible blindness. Is it really worth it?

Mandible Piercing Dangers

Moving on to number five is the mandible piercing. It may be tough more extreme, a little bit more than all the rest of people out there.

Mandible is this way behind the jawbone into the mouth. It’s extremely dangerous.

There are so many glands, nerves, and just too much tissue. The risk for infection isn’t the same. Sometimes, you’ve got to listen to your body. When it tells you no, listen to it.

Conclusion On Most Dangerous Piercings

Those are the top five most dangerous piercings, just because they’re the more common piercings out there. Now, the thing is, it seems like every day there’s a brand new piercing showing up. So-and-so has this, so-and-so has that. And most of the piercings that can be done have already been invented. Unless you have that third nostril or that extra nipple, those are the only ways you’re really gonna have unique piercings.

Now, when we’re talking about piercings and making them unique, it’s about how you put the whole package together. Everyone might have that exact shirt you have, but they’re not wearing it with the combination of everything else you’ve got going on. That’s what piercing is all about. Hope this article about the most dangerous piercings may help you.

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