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Facts About Daith Piercing

Facts About Daith Piercing

If you’re thinking about getting daith piercings but want to know more information before actually doing it, this is the article for you. In this article, I will show you five important facts you need to know about daith piercings. Let’s begin.

Do Daith Piercings Work For Migraines?

Be advised that this piercing is not intended to cure or treat migraines. It’s always a 50/50 chance with any piercing, so if it works for you, fantastic! If it doesn’t, you’ll just have some nice bling in that area.

Where Is A Daith Piercing Located?

daith piercing location
daith piercing location

Number one on the list is location. The daith piercing is located in the center of the ear, tucked away underneath your rook or behind your tragus piercing. It’s in that region right over there, that thick piece. That is considered your daith piercing.

What Is The Best Jewelry For A Daith Piercing?

Second on the list, and very important, is jewelry. It is super important to use high-quality materials that are safe for your body and promote proper healing, free of allergic reactions or irritations.

Titanium Hoop Earrings for daith piercing

The first product on this list is a beautiful gold color crystal clicker, which is gorgeous. This beautiful piece has a nice shine to it. It’s fine jewelry, and you can never go wrong.

Second up, if gold is not your thing and you want something silver, we have this beautiful titanium clicker. It’s similar to the gold one but in a different material and color.¬†

titanium hoop earrings small for daith piercing
titanium clicker for daith piercing

This titanium piece is absolutely gorgeous. It shines bright, is implant-grade, has zero nickel, is hypoallergenic, and is suitable for implants in your body. We love the titanium clicker. 

We have many more available right now on

How To Care For A Daith Piercing?

Number three, things to be careful for. 

First, avoid touching or playing with it, and be cautious when sleeping on it or wearing headphones.

 Also, avoid any submerged water, like swimming in lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, or ponds. Be careful, as excessive bacteria can get lodged in the area and cause irritations, inflammations, and possibly even worse infections. No one wants an infection in that area or those piercing bumps. Not a good look, so be cautious. 

It takes about three to four weeks to dive into any submerged water, but you can still shower. So please do shower.

How Long Does It Take To Heal A Daith Piercing?

Number four on the list is healing time. 

Generally, with all piercings, you’re looking at around six to nine months, if not longer, for the healing period. So please be patient, especially in this area, because it is a thicker cartilage area. It is going to take some time. 

If you want to know if it’s fully healed, don’t ask your piercer. It should look like you never got it pierced, with no redness, pus, or discharge. It should look okay, so be patient.

Daith Piercings Aftercare

Last but not least, number five on the list is aftercare. It’s super important. 

A really easy way you can use is a saline wound wash solution. You can spray it on a Q-tip directly or spray it in the area directly two times a day, morning and night. You don’t need to use any alcohol, peroxide, lotions, creams, potions, or serums.

How Bad Does A Daith Piercing Hurt?

And here’s a little bonus fact for you: many people ask, “how bad does daith piercing hurt?” 

To estimate the pain, remember, everyone experiences pain differently, and many say it’s not like a sharp pain, but more like a lot of pressure. We would say it’s maybe a six out of ten, but they say it’s a lot of pressure.

Conclusion On Daith Piercing

Daith piercing offers a unique and stylish way to express your personal style while staying on-trend. Remember to carefully choose high-quality jewelry and follow proper aftercare procedures to ensure safe healing.

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