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5 Risky piercing aftercare mistakes

5 Risky Piercing Aftercare Mistakes

If someone is thinking about getting a new piercing and wants to know what not to do, this article is right for you. In this article, I will show you the top 5 worst piercing aftercare mistakes you can make. Let’s begin.

Gun Piercings

The first on the piercing aftercare mistakes list, which is really important, is getting pierced with a gun. 

Gun piercings are extremely painful, unsanitary, and not appropriate for getting a piercing. It involves using blunt force trauma, which means that the earring is the only thing used to pierce your skin. It forcefully pushes the earring through, causing potential damage to the tissue and excessive scarring. 

It’s really bad, and if you think it’s not a big deal, let me remind you what can go wrong with gun piercings. [Roll the clip.] Okay, let’s not do that. Please, I don’t want to have nightmares again.

Being Impatient

The second on the piercing aftercare mistakes list is being impatient. 

Often, people want to switch their jewelry immediately after getting a piercing, but that can lead to a lot of problems. 

If the piercing hasn’t fully healed, changing the jewelry can cause irritation, inflammation, reactions to low-quality metals, or even worse, an infection. We definitely don’t want that. 

So, be patient. Remember, these things generally take about six to nine months to heal. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone heals differently. 

But hey, if you really want to switch out your jewelry quickly, we have a cool option for you.

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Our pushback jewelry has a flat back, and the tops are interchangeable. 

So, if you’re tired of the current piercing, you can just buy and change out the top easily. It’s safe to do that because it only irritates the top part. You can choose more from our titanium earrings shop.

For example, if you have an ear piercing and are tired of the stud, you can put a flower, a trinity, or a cluster in there. All these pieces are interchangeable, and switching them on and off is super easy and convenient.

Touching Or Playing With Your Piercing

The third on the piercing aftercare mistakes list is touching or playing with your piercing. 

Doing this introduces more foreign bacteria to the area, which can cause irritation, inflammation, and potential infections. 

Additionally, the movement and playing with the piercing create friction, leading to problems like piercing bumps. 

So, avoid touching or playing with your piercing. Just leave it alone. If you play with it, you’re practically asking for piercing bumps, which are horrible to deal with. They’re painful, ugly, and a pain in the butt.

Not Cleaning Piercing Properly

The fourth on the piercing aftercare mistakes list is not cleaning your piercing properly. 

Forget about using alcohol, peroxide, essential oils, creams, lotions, serums, or potions. All you need is a saline wound wash. It’s super easy to use. 

You can spray it on a q-tip or directly on the piercing twice a day, morning and night. That’s it. The other cleaners are not suitable for piercing aftercare, and they can damage the piercing.

The second part of this one is, of course, excessive cleaning. All you need is twice a day. You don’t need to go four, five, six, seven, ten times a day. 

If you’re cleaning it a lot more, you’re causing a lot more irritation, and you can dry out your piercing, leading to more problems. 

So, remember, excessive cleaning and using the wrong products are a big no-no.

Bad Advice

The fifth on the piercing aftercare mistakes list is getting bad advice from a non-credible source. 

Okay, this could be asking, let’s say, your parents, their friends, or cousins, or looking up on the internet, like on Instagram or TikTok, where people post these cool hack videos or unproven home remedies. 

So, you want to be very careful about where you get information from. It could be misleading or outdated. 

You may be asking, “Hey, what about you? How can I trust the information you’re providing is valid?” I was taught about sterilization, aftercare, proper facility procedures, and all the safety products needed. With six-plus years of experience, I’ve seen tens of thousands of piercings. I’ve seen all the issues, the wrong piercings, and the successful ones.

Conclusion On Piercing Aftercare Mistakes

Taking proper care of your piercings is crucial for a successful healing process and avoiding complications. Hope this article about piercing aftercare mistakes may help you out. We have many articles discussing aftercare and the proper steps for you to take to be safe and clean with your piercings. Check it out.

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