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Different Styles Of Titanium Studs And Hoops

Different Styles Of Titanium Studs And Hoops

In this article, we’re talking about our titanium earrings collection, specifically the different styles of titanium studs and hoops you can use for your helix or cartilage piercing. Discover a world of versatility and elegance with our collection of titanium studs and hoops. From minimalistic designs to intricate patterns, explore a wide range of styles that will elevate your accessory game.


Let’s get into it. This article is going to be for anyone who wants to get the helix done or is thinking about getting one and looking for some unique styles that are high-quality options to really make that helix area shine.

What we’re going to cover in this article is showcasing our different pieces for your helix specifically and showing you how to use some of our titanium pieces.

We’re going to start off with our pushback pieces. We’ve written in-depth articles talking about our jewelry and actually styling your ear with them. It provides you with some ideas on how you can mix and match your jewelry and use them together.

So, it’s going to be a more brief introduction of the pieces specifically for helix. For our pushback pieces, these are super cool. All you have to do is click in the pieces and click them out, and that’s it. It’s also flat in the back too, so it is super comfortable. It’s not going to poke anything, especially for the helix piercings.

Let’s jump right into it.

Titanium Cluster Earring

white color titanium opal cluster stud earrings

My favorite piece we’ve got going first is going to be the cluster. The cluster is a more statement piece, a bolder piece with opal clusters, and it’s just absolutely beautiful. It really shines.

Titanium Flower Earrings

titanium earring studs

We have our flower piece. It’s also a more subtle piece. It features six stones with the middle stone with all beautiful gems as well. Nice shine. Girls love the flowers, and it’s definitely a great go-to piece. A lot of our clients choose it.

Titanium Trinity Earring

opal trinity titanium stud earrings green Different Styles Of Titanium Studs And Hoops

Another piece is a little bit smaller, a more dainty piece. It’s our Trinity.

Trinity comes from three, so we have our three stones featuring in the Trinity. It’s a great piece, a nice and simple piece, a more classic and minimalistic piece. It’s not as big as the flower, a little bit similar, with just the right amount of shine.

Flat Stone Bezels

opal titanium flat back earrings white color

And of course, we’ve got our two classic essential pieces, which are flat stone bezels. We have a diamond fusion flat stone on a stud that’s flat to give it a nice simple look.

We also have our prong-set stone, which uses prongs to hold the gem and give the stone some shine that reflects out light. It really gives it a nice pop-and-shine look.

Seamless Or Infinity Titanium Hoops

And then we have our seamless or infinity hoops that you can bend back and forth to put them together, open and close them.

Obviously, we’re going this way to destroy. So, just follow the guide. A lot of clients do have an 18 or a 16 gauge for the helix. It’s just going to pop open and close and click it together.

titanium hoop earrings for sensitive ears

I love using the cluster in the top section of the helix to really fill in the gap, to really fill that area. And it is a larger piece, so it gives it that full imitation for the full look of multiple piercings. You can also put it on your flat area.

This piece is gorgeous. This one is actually a lot of people’s favorite too. It’s super cute and not too bulky. Titanium is super lightweight, so I don’t think these pieces are going to be heavy. It won’t drag your ear down, and you won’t even feel like it’s there.

Titanium Captive Ball Earring

C shape hypoallergenic hoop earrings

And of course, we have the same type of hoop featuring a captive ball. It’s a fixed bead ring, which means that the ball is fixed with the ring, so it won’t come off unless you break it off.

You can also put a double here vertically, right below it, if it’s the correct size. And up here too, this one just has the ball if that’s your taste and that’s routine.

This one is going to be a little bit of a bonus. It is one size larger, a 16 gauge. People usually have an 18 or 16, which is the hinge ring. Remember, the fixed bead rings or the seamless rings, you kind of twist them like into an “S” and close them. But with this one, you pop it over and close it too.

Titanium Ring Earrings

Titanium Opal hoop Earrings

This one’s cool because if you want that place to shine, put some bling on there, like a pop. You can fill this whole area with some rings. I’ve seen people sometimes vertically putting this with the diamond ones.


This is our gem and simple titanium, different types of studs and hoops you can use for helix piercing or cartilage piercing. Helix and cartilage are the same thing.

Visit our shop, you’ll see a lot more different options if you have more than just helix piercings. Basically, if you have tragus or conch piercings, we really go to town and show you exactly how you can style your ear. We provide some inspiration and more in-depth information about our jewelry collection.

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