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How To Protect New Piercing

How To Protect New Piercing?

Hi everyone, if you wonder how to protect new piercing, you’re in the right place. In this article, you and I are going to be going over tips and tricks for keeping your earrings and your piercings safe while going out.

Butterfly Backing Tend To Snag More

Tip number one on how to protect new piercing: If you’re someone who currently has a butterfly backing, I would say that they tend to snag more and are a bit more difficult in comparison to flat backs.

I would say butterfly backs tend to fall out easier, while in comparison, flat backs are tensioned together, and that tends to provide a more secure fit.

I would suggest having a flat back because, well, the back is flat, flush to your skin, and it tends to be less irritating to a new piercing.

So if you do have one, I would say just stay on top of it, and if you can, talk to a person about maybe switching it out to a flat back.

Try Small Hoop Earrings

Tip number two on how to protect new piercing: In regards to snagging, if you are someone that’s wearing hoops, I would suggest having a more snug-fit hoop than something larger or bulkier. While those might move a little more or might cause a bit more irritation to the piercing itself.

While a snug fit tends to just again be more flush to the skin, more secure, and they’re not weighing down on the piercing so much. So it’s giving your ear somewhat of a rest while also again looking cute and having fun.

Try Not To Wear Pieces that Have Long Dangles

Tip number three on how to protect new piercing: Try not to wear pieces that have nice long dangles to them. While they are very cute and fashionable, they tend to snag easier. They might move more.

Again, it’s about the weight as well as the accessibility to your ear. I would definitely make sure to keep it to studs and again, the snug-fit hoops.

A Circular Band-aid On Both Sides Of Your Earring

Tip/trick number four: This one goes out to all my folks who just got their piercings. If your piercing is still fresh and you play a sport and you’re not really interested in losing your piercing or having to replace it every time you have a game, I would suggest trying a circular band-aid on one or both sides of your ear.

I don’t recommend exceeding more than a few hours while doing this because the likelihood of an infection definitely increases the more you tend to encapsulate that fresh piercing. You’re sweaty, it’s hot, we don’t want that.

Maybe try putting a band-aid over it while you’re in your game, and I mean immediately after, take it off, get some of that saline solution on there, and go about your day.

Take It Easy

Tip number five on how to protect new piercing, last but not least: This is all about keeping you, your jewelry, and your piercing safe.

While I understand that all of us might tend to be a bit of a thrill-seeker, we love roller coasters, the beach, hanging out with friends, and going hard at the club, I would suggest taking it easy. Maybe just grab a drink at the bar, maybe just dance with your friends, nothing too crazy. Be patient.

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