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Titanium Earrings For Kids 101

Titanium Earrings For Kids 101

There are so many moms that really struggle with their kids’ titanium earrings. Either they would lose them, they would get stuck to things, or they would pull them out. The list goes on. Being a mom myself, I know the kids are magicians and anything can happen. So today, I will discuss titanium earrings for kids, and I’m going to help you find earrings that really work for you and your child.


I’m going to be talking about studs, all the different types of backings, the pros and cons of each, and also why the front of the earring matters when it comes to kids’ earrings. I’m also going to be talking about hoops, and I know some moms are a little bit hesitant when it comes to hoops, but I’m going to be talking about why some kids are actually more successful with hoops versus studs.

The Front Part Of The Earrings

Let’s first talk about the front part of the kid’s titanium earrings. This is the part of the earring that you see that’s in their ear.

If you notice that your child’s earrings are getting stuck when they’re sleeping, maybe to their blanket, stuffed animal, pillowcase, or whatever it may be, if you notice that they’re getting stuck, this matters.

The front of the post matters, and just be mindful when you are buying titanium earrings for kids.

Different Types Of Posts

There are about four different types of posts as far as the front part. They each have pros and cons to each, so I’m going to be going into each one, and then you can decide what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Then we’ll get into the backs of the earrings.

Prong Post

The first type of post that we have is a prong post. This is where the stone is held by four prongs on each side. This is probably the most popular type of setting out there. They come in so many different colors, especially birthstones.

Depending on who makes these, the prongs do not stick out very far at all. It holds it perfectly.

titanium earrings for kids with Prong Post

By the way, this is also known as a Tiffany setting. But sometimes with these, they can get caught onto things easily, just like if you have an engagement ring. Usually, it’s a prong setting. You may know it does get caught onto things, so just keep that in mind with a prong setting. But the prong setting allows all the attention to go to the actual stone while still keeping the stone secure.

Classic Ball

titanium earrings for kids with classic ball

Next, we have your classic ball, and this is perfect because it has a very smooth surface. This is less likely to get caught onto anything. If you have any fears about your earrings or your kids’ earrings getting caught onto anything, then I would definitely recommend a ball setting.

Bezel Setting

Here we have a bezel setting. With a bezel setting, you can see the outside is super smooth, so there are no prongs, but you still get the beauty of the stone and the sparkle, the shine.

kids titanium earrings with bezel setting
bezel titanium earrings for kids

Anytime mom’s ever had a concern with the earrings getting caught onto anything but didn’t necessarily want a ball because there’s nothing really to it, I would recommend a bezel setting.

Flat Setting

Next, we have kids titanium earrings with a flat setting.

hypoallergenic earrings for kids with flat setting
flower titanium earrings for kids

These are the earrings that sit flush against the ear. They are typically earrings with cute designs like flowers, hearts, crosses, stars, and all the things like that.

So depending on the design, they are less likely to get caught onto things. I would stay away from earrings with sharp edges. These ones have a little bit more of a rounder edge. Now, again, depending on the design, they can start to dig into the ear if they are put on too tight.

But if you notice earrings like this, there is a little notch at the edge. That is actually where the backing is supposed to stay. You never want to put earrings on too tight.

I would have moms that would come in and tell me how their kids went to their dad’s house for the weekend, and dad put the earrings on too tight. And the earring would start to dig into the ear. The backing, though, is supposed to stay on this last notch right here. Most earrings do have them.

The titanium earrings for kids in our shop are meant for little kids. They are allergy-free, sterilized, and pre-packaged. All of the styles from our store are medical-grade titanium. The best part about them is that they are super affordable.

Different Types Of Backings For Kids

Let’s go into the different titanium earrings with backing types for kids.

Butterfly Backing Titanium Earrings For Kids

titanium earrings for kids with butterfly backing
titanium earrings for kids with butterfly backing

We have the butterfly backing, which is the most popular type of backing out there. It’s a universal backing.

Some kids do well with these, but if they don’t, then I would recommend piercing earrings. The earrings that I have in my hand right now, are piercing earrings that have a butterfly backing, but they lock on and off.

So they’re a lot harder. You actually have to hold the front, hold the back, and pull in opposite directions to pull them off. There are kids that are still little magicians and know how to remove them. But these are my favorite types of titanium earrings for kids, the earrings that lock on.

But like I said, there are some kids that just don’t do well with them. So if that’s the case, then I would move on to the next earring.

Kids Screw Back Titanium Earrings For Kids

Next, we have screw backs, which you can see the threading on the earring. As the name implies, twist the backing on and off.

Remember, righty tightly, lefty loosey. The screw does make it harder to get off, but there are some children that still manage to get them off because maybe they just literally sit there and twist them off. And then they end up losing the back or just after some time, sometimes these do slowly twist off.

Sometimes if they are just pulled on, they can strip, which would mean that there would be no more threading on the earring.

Titanium Hoop Earrings For Kids

If butterfly backings don’t work, locking backings (aka piercing earrings) don’t work, and screw backs don’t work, then my next recommendation is hoops.

And before you say, “Oh no, not hoops,” just hear me out.

My daughter was originally pierced when she was two months old with the Tiffany setting type of birthstone earring, and she did well with them at first. Until she had an ear infection, and she still got them out. She ripped them out, she pulled them out. I guess her ear was bothering her so much that she got them out.

I put them back in after the ear infection, and again, she had another one a few months later. She took them out again.

So I figured, “Alright, there has to be another option because if piercing earrings don’t work, which have the locking backing, then I need to try something else.” So I tried hoops.

My daughter is now 12 years old, and she has worn hoops from the time she was a year old until now.

The reason why hoops can be better than studs is just because studs can be more irritating to sleep in or they might just be uncomfortable to some. And a lot of people may not realize this until it actually happens to you, and I know this because it happens to me when I’m sleeping.

If I have an earring backing right on my ear, my ears start to produce a weird oil. They start to get itchy. And if that is also happening to a child, they are then going to know that the earrings are there. They’re going to start to pick at them and try to get them off. Or maybe the child has thicker earlobes, and this has nothing to do with weight.

A child can have thicker earlobes and not be overweight, but that is a thing. It’s real. It happens. But if they have thicker earlobes and a stud is too tight, it can be irritating to them.

Those are a few reasons why hoops can be better than studs for kids. I like to say hoops may be better because there’s no backing to irritate them. Hoops allow the ear to breathe a little bit better just because there’s more air able to circulate around the hole.

You don’t have to worry about putting the backing on too tight and then the ear becoming raw. So if you notice that your child is not successful with studs, then I would try hoops.

I know some moms may be afraid of them getting caught onto things, but there are different hoops that don’t get caught onto things and that are a little bit smaller, that don’t allow them to kind of pull on them or get caught onto things as I said.

Different Types Of Kids Hoop Earrings

So let’s go over the different types of hoops.

Seamless Hoop Earrings For Kids

childrens titanium seamless hoop earrings
childrens titanium seamless hoop earrings

The first type of hoop that we have is just a seamless hoop titanium earring for kids. They are very easy to open and close. They open and close just like that. Because there is no hinge and they are seamless, there is nothing for them to get caught onto, which is perfect for children.

Huggie Titanium Earrings For Kids

The next type of earring we have is a huggie. These, again, they are seamless, so there’s nothing for them to get caught onto.

As far as how they open and close, you just pull this back hinge and close them like this. These come in so many different sizes. This one’s pretty small, but they do get smaller than this, which makes them perfect for children.

These my daughter had since she was two years old, and she wore them for years, even during cheerleading, because they perfectly just hugged her ears. These can get pretty pricey, especially if they have real diamonds in them.

Continuous Hoop Earrings For Kids

Continuous Hoop Earrings For Kids

Next, we have continuous hoop titanium earrings for kids. These are the earrings that fit inside themselves. Some people love them, some people hate them.

They are perfect in the sense that they do hug the ear. They sit very close to the ear, but you do need a lot of patience to put them in, and the child will have to stay still in order to put them in, which I know can be challenging. So, you will have to play with them a little bit.

Hinged Hoop Titanium Earrings For Kids

Hinge Hoop Titanium Earrings For Kids
Hinge Hoop Titanium Earrings For Kids

Then we have probably the most popular type of hoop out there, which is this type of hinge. A lot of moms, when they think of hoops, they think of this type of hoop and how it can get caught onto things, which is a fair concern.

I had earrings like this, and my daughter, when she was really young, she had a very similar pair. These are actually my baby earrings from when I was a year old. I did also wear hoops when I was really young. I still have both earrings, so they did last on me as well.


When it comes to children’s earrings, there is a lot of trial and error involved, and that even comes down to the type of metal that you use on your children’s ears as well. One thing that I will say as far as metals, I would stay try titanium, because it’s nickel free. If you found this article about titanium earrings for kids helpful, please share it with your friends.

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