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5 Things To Know About Tragus Piercings

5 Things To Know About Tragus Piercings

Hi everybody. In this article, we are going to be talking about 5 things you need to know about tragus piercings.

Certain Professions Won’t Let You Get Tragus Piercings

Number one: There are certain people who probably will not want to get it, such as doctors and nurses, just because you guys have those stethoscopes, and the tragus piercings are going to kind of be hating it.

Tragus piercing is in the middle, so that’s not a good idea. Also, if you are a DJ, producer, or gamer, same thing except you have those headphones in, so it’ll kind of block, and it’ll kind of hurt.

Can You Sleep On A Tragus Piercing?

Number two: Since the tragus is more like on the outside of the ear, you definitely do not want to sleep on it, especially if it’s fresh. Just because you’re going to want to be super careful not to smash it against your pillow. If you do that, you may have a bump.

What Jewelry Is Used For A Tragus Piercing?

Number three: We’re talking about the initial jewelry for when you get this piercing. Definitely, you want to start with a flat back earring. You never want to get a ring or a hoop.

Flat backs are the comfiest for your healing process just because they have that flat disc on the back.

Find A Reputable Piercer

Number four: One thing you need to know for sure, do your research. Make sure you find a piercer that’s reputable and knows what they’re doing. It’s a very specific piercing that needs to be aligned a certain way.

If you’re going to somewhere where it probably costs five dollars to get a tragus, most likely it is not going to turn out great. So definitely do your research and ask the piercer questions.

Your questions are your concerns. Questions you could ask your piercer before getting it done is how many times they’ve done it because I mean practice makes perfect.

Another thing you could ask the piercer is for them to explain the process of a tragus piercing, how they’re going to do it, healing time, and things like that. You’re going to want to know all those things before getting it done.

Come Prepared

Number five: Come prepared. If you don’t bring your ID, you’re going to have to go home. Bring your ID just to verify your identity and your age.

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