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5 must-have titanium opal earrings

5 Must-Have Titanium Opal Earrings

At titanium earrings shop, we’re all about creating unique ear styles to help you stay trendy while expressing your style. In this article, we will discuss the 5 must-have titanium opal earrings for summer; that’s the hot opal summer!

Summer is coming up, pool parties, beaches, all that kind of stuff, and what better way to show off your new naval pieces or your belly basic than with a beautiful opal piece?

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • What Is An Opal?
  • Must-Have Titanium Opal Earrings List
    • Titanium Opal Cluster Earrings
    • Titanium Opal Bezel Earrings
    • Titanium Opal Trinity Earrings
    • Titanium Opal Claw Earrings
    • Titanium Front Facing Opal Earrings

What Is An Opal?

For those who don’t know what an opal is, opal is a type of stone with multi-faceted colors with whites, pinks, blues, and greens, in very light shades. 

But the one we’re specifically talking about will be a white opal, kind of like a moonstone vibe. It’s super cool, very popular, and you’ll see exactly why for summer. So, let’s get into it right now with the first selection of tasteful summer.

Titanium Opal Cluster Earrings

four different color titanium opal cluster stud earrings
Titanium Opal Cluster Earrings-Click Image to buy

For the first on the must-have titanium opal earrings list, we’ve got these beautiful titanium opal cluster stud earrings. 

Titanium is hypoallergenic, and it’s safe to wear. So, all the pieces we discuss see in this article are super safe. They won’t tarnish or change colors, and they don’t have any nickel. 

So, don’t worry about them changing colors or rusting or anything like that. No cheap stuff here, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got the good stuff here.

This is a beautiful opal cluster. You can see the opals at the side, really kind of hugging around that larger opal in the center. They look great for that pool party, the beach party, the get-together at the pool, by the pool, tanning, whatever it is. It will go great with you matching it with a bikini or some shawl or sheer dress over it. It will look really good. 

Of course, it’s not going to weigh you down too much. It’s super lightweight as well because it is titanium. It just looks cool, it is awesome, and it’s definitely perfect for summer.

Titanium Opal Bezel Earrings

opal titanium flat back earrings white color
opal titanium flat back earrings-Click Image To Buy

Next up earrings on the must-have titanium opal earrings list, here we’ve got the beautiful opal bezel push back, which is really popular. The cool thing about push backs is they all click together, so they pull apart and click back to each other. 

This one is the most popular piece. We have a different version as well, but for this piece specifically, you can rock it anywhere on your nostril, lobes, cartilages, forward helix, tragus, and college. It’s a super versatile piece, which is super exciting.

With that one, it’s just a simple bezel-set opal stone, which means that the stone is flat, dainty, and not going to pull or get caught on anything. 

It is also a push back, so it is flat in the back and super comfortable for you, especially anywhere on your ear or inside your nose. It’s not going to hurt or anything like that. And pull it to the side.

5 Must-Have Titanium Opal Earrings List

Titanium Opal Trinity Earrings

opal trinity titanium stud earrings the origin color
opal trinity titanium stud earrings-Click Image To Buy

Moving on next with our must-have titanium opal earrings list, we got this beautiful opal trinity here. “Trini” means three stones are shaped as a triangle, which is super fun compared to the opal inside. This is also very versatile as well too. 

Again, you can rock this in your nostril, a great place to be on your lobes, conch, and helixes – super cool too. 

They’re flat on the back. It’s going to be comfortable to wear. 

You can also start laying the jewelry together vice versa, how do you stack it? 

  • Put the opal bezel on the bottom and the trinity up top, and vice versa. Put a stack lobe double helix. 
  • Put a double conch or concha and helix. 
  • You can start playing with different pieces together.

Titanium Opal Claw Earrings

Opal Claw hypoallergenic stud earrings origin color
opal claw hypoallergenic stud earrings-Click Image To Buy

Now moving on to the cartridge pieces. We’re moving on to another industrial piercing. This is the most popular piece we sell because it’s just badass. These are titanium opal claw industrial.

Beautiful piece here. The opals are pressed into a claw setting like a claw machine. A full opal ball encrusted inside that setting, looks super cool. 

So when you rock it on your industrial, for example, it will look pretty badass. Again, these are super light as well too. So you’re not going to, be like, “Oh my god, it’s so heavy.” 

It’s not gonna be too big or too bulky, and it just looks really nice compared to even the flat different designs. 

Titanium Front Facing Opal Earrings

Titanium Opal Earrings
Titanium front facing opal earrings-Click Image To Buy

Last but not least, we got this beautiful front-facing opal septum jewelry on the must-have titanium opal earrings list, which can also be paired with a daith piercing. This is a little piece but also hinged. 

These are standard 16 gauge, which is the thickness of the ring is a standard size. You can rock this in your septum, or you can rock it in your gauges, which looks super cool because it’s a twofer. 

Yeah, these are all flat, super dainty. You will like this specific style because of the setting of the stone. It’s impressive all the way around the ring. Super dainty, super flat, super realistic. 

If you want something simple, with a little bit of edge to it, a little bit of shine, not a crystal because you don’t have crystals, an opal version will be great. 

But if you want to get your septum pierced or your daith pierced and you want something basic, you want something simple but a little bit different, and opal front-facing is the one to go. It looks really cool, especially since summers are here and right around the corner.


What better way to match up with some summer colors than with these beautiful pieces of jewelry? Those are 5 must-have titanium opal earrings from our opal collection. There is much more to choose from, not just opals and crystals. We also have some of these pieces installed in 14-karat gold as well. If you’re looking for more pieces to add to your jewelry collection or jewelry box, you can shop right now. What are you waiting for?

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