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Can You Swim After Ear Piercing

Can You Swim After Ear Piercing?

Hey guys. Can you swim after ear piercing? Today, we are going to be talking about the dangers of swimming with fresh piercings.

Can you go swimming after getting your ears pierced? No, because if it hasn’t been at least three to four weeks, we don’t recommend getting in the pool.

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Also, the healing time varies for everybody, so it might be a bit longer. If it has been three to four weeks, then yes, you can take a dip in the pool, as long as you’re taking the precautions. It does depend on the type of pool.

Saltwater is better compared to chlorine because chlorine can definitely irritate your piercings. However, you have to remember that pools carry foreign bacteria and bodily fluids, like someone peeing in the pool.

If you do have an existing piercing, feel free to take a dip in the pool, just make sure to clean it with water and saline solution.

If you are going to the ocean, just remember that it definitely has even more contaminants.

Not only does it have more human bodily fluids, but it also has fish pee and poop. Even though the ocean is saltwater, it is not a sterile environment. You can use a Tegaderm waterproof bandage or a 3M waterproof bandage to keep your fresh piercings safe.

Always remember to rinse your existing or fresh piercing after your swim to keep it sterile and safe.

Can you swim after ear piercing? Do you have the answer now?

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