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how to get rid of piercing bump

How To Get Rid Of Piercing Bump

In the article, we’ll explore the causes of piercing bumps, and provide valuable tips on how to get rid of piercing bump. Get ready to bid farewell to those bothersome bumps and restore the beauty and comfort of your piercings. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to a bump-free piercing journey.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Tips on how to get rid of piercing bump
  • Helix piercing bump
  • Industrial piercings bump
  • Nostril piercing bump
  • Navel piercing bump
  • Difference between keloid and piercing bump

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Piercing Bump

So, the first thing we’ll discuss about how to get rid of piercing bump is the basics.

Cleaning Your Piercing Right 

The first tip on how to get rid of piercing bump is to clean your piercing in the right way.

You need to be cleaning your piercing right, and you need to not be agitating or irritating your piercing. 

If you’re doing everything right, generally, those bumps aren’t there. 

Most of the time, the bumps form because of improper aftercare, or you’re just irritating it all the time, and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. So, that is the first thing.

When cleaning your piercing, you should use a wound wash spray. 

If you have an oral piercing, you’ll need an alcohol-free mouthwash to stay away from all that alcohol or the harsh chemicals.

Don’t Be Touching Or Spinning Piercing

The second tip on how to get rid of piercing bump is that you can’t be touching or spinning your piercing. 

If you’re spinning and rotating and touching it with dirty hands:

  • It’s going to get infected
  • Those dried lymph fluids and crusties stuck to your piercing are scratching and irritating, causing that bump. Your body’s trying to create a barrier of scar tissue to protect it. 

If it’s too long and moving back and forth, you have to have the proper size. That means downsizing some of your piercings in the future if they need it.

Use Emu Oil

The third tip on how to get rid of piercing bump is to use emu oil.

You’ll have lots of friends and family telling you different things, and everyone generally means well. But the less you do, the better off you are. 

Harsh chemicals like peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and Neosporin generally cause more problems than they help.

Now, as far as any of the oils and different things people tell you, we only recommend emu oil. 

If you have a bump, emu oil will often calm the inflammation, eliminate some of that redness, and make you feel much better. So, it’s great stuff. Look into emu oil if you’re looking to put anything on there. 

But the big thing is to get rid of the source of the problem, which is causing the bump, and then the bump will go away. 

Don’t Put Stuff On Piercing

The fourth tip on how to get rid of piercing bump is don’t put stuff on there to try to eat it away.

You might have heard of the aspirin method, where you’re crushing that up, creating a paste, and putting that on there. That generally causes way more problems than it helps, so stay away from that.

There are other chemicals people are trying to put on there, like Mederma and scar tissue remover. Well, the thing is, you’re trying to heal that tuba scar tissue through there, and that’s counterproductive to the healing process and getting rid of that bump.

So, you need to stay away from those as well. Listen to your body. If something hurts, that’s probably what’s causing the problem.

What Kind Of Piercing Bump Do I Have? Why Do Piercing Bumps Form? Next, we will go through a series of different pictures, and we will tell you what those bumps are most likely, how they got these bumps, and some of the best ways to treat or get rid of them.

Helix Piercing Bump

Helix Piercing Bump Forming

One of the first ones we will discuss is a helix piercing, which is the outer rim of your ear. 

A lot of people will get bumps on this piercing, and they most likely get bumps because the jewelry is too long or is being hit or irritated. 

Now, if you’re still wearing masks, sometimes they get caught on there and pulled, combing your hair, brushing your hair, or not rinsing out all your shampoos or conditioners properly. 

How To Get Rid Of Helix Piercing Bump?

How to get rid of piercing bump on ear? So generally, with these piercings, if you’re getting a bump on there from the irritation and your piercing doesn’t seem too long, make sure you clean your piercing after a shower with that wound wash spray, and a lot of times, this can help.

Helix Piercing Bump On The Bottom Side

how to get rid of Helix Piercing Bump on the bottom side
Helix Piercing Bump On The Bottom Side

Now, this first helix piercing we’re looking at has a bump on the bottom side of it. When looking at the jewelry, you can see that the gem is not pointing straight forward; it’s pointing up. 

Because it’s pointing up, that tells it’s either way too long, and the jewelry is sagging in the back and changing angles, or it was pierced improperly. 

In a situation like this, if it’s already gone this far, that bump is tough to get rid of, and you might need to take the piercing out and start over. The damage is already done.

Irritation Helix Piercing Bump

how to get rid of irritation Helix Piercing Bump
Irritation Helix Piercing Bump

The second bump we’re looking at here on the helix, it’s hard to say specifically what would cause this, but this is a common bump that people get, and chances are, it’s an irritation bump. 

This person probably caught a towel, a shirt rag, or luffa on it, or even just slept on it wrong. If you’re sleeping on it wrong, that pressure can twist and contort it while it’s in the ear, and we often don’t even know the damage we’re doing while we’re sleeping on it. 

So, try to protect it while you’re sleeping. Be careful drying off after a shower or bath. Those towels do cause a lot of damage.

Industrial Piercings Bump

Why Does My Industrial Piercing Have A Bump?

Industrial piercings also cause a lot of problems with bumps. Most of the time, it is because the piercer pierced it improperly.

You need two piercings that are aimed pretty much exactly at each other and parallel to each other. 

If one’s at this angle, one’s at that angle, what’s happening is it’s twisting your ear, causing all that distortion of the tissue and causing huge, huge bumps, just like in this picture. 

how to get rid of Industrial Piercing bump

No matter what someone did to take care of this piercing, chances are those bumps will happen no matter what.

How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Industrial Piercing

It’s super important to find a quality piercer who knows how to pierce properly, and that’s going to eliminate the chance of the bumps.

The second industrial piercing we’re looking at here has the bar in it, and you’ll see a little bump on the bottom. 

Bump On Industrial Bar Piercing

Industrial Piercing bump has the bar in it

This is a common bump for many industrial piercings, and it could be slightly off-angle-wise when pierced. But chances are, they were probably sleeping on it or caught a towel on it. 

These piercings are tough to heal because most piercings can twist and contort in the ear and move as you’re sleeping. This one is stuck in one position, so if you sleep on it wrong one night, it’s really easy to get this bump.

In a situation like this, if you get a bump like this, that emu oil can really help. Also, keep cleaning your piercing until those crusties are all the way off, and do your best not to sleep on it.

Nostril Piercing Bump

What Are Nostril Piercing Bumps?

The nostril piercing is notorious for getting bumps. It seems like for a while, almost half the people got some bump because they were catching it and snagging it on things, constantly touching them, playing with it, or having improper nostril screws, nose bones, or just a bar that’s way too long.

How To Get Rid Of Nose Piercing Bump?

How to get rid of piercing bump on nose?

Don’t Use Bad Jewelry

Nostril Piercing Bump cuased by bad jewerly
how to get rid of piercing bump on nose

Now, the first nostril we’re looking at here, you can see that it’s probably bad jewelry. You can tell it’s cheaper steel, and the gem has already fallen out. That bump is huge. 

The bump is huge because the bar is so long that it moved back and forth, constantly irritating and scratching it, and that just built up a series of bumps. It looks like a triple-stacked one. 

If that jewelry was readjusted and shortened so it’s nice and snug after it healed up a little bit, chances are that bump wouldn’t have gotten as big or happened at all.

Don’t Go To A Ring Too Soon

how to get rid of Nostril Piercing Bump
how to get rid of piercing bump on nose

Also, with nostrils, one of the bigger issues people have is they go to a ring too soon. 

In this picture here, you can see that bump on the top. They probably put the ring in too soon. 

Generally, you need to wait a minimum of three months. That’s the absolute minimum time before you think about putting a ring in there. 

Here’s the deal: the needle is straight, and when the piercing is done, it’s perfectly straight and perpendicular to the tissue. 

When you put a ring in there, that ring is curved. So you’re putting a curved ring through a straight hole, and it often pinches and pulls down on the sides. That’s why bumps like this happen. 

If your piercing is fully healed and comfortable and relaxed, it has a little bit of movement. That little bit of curve in there doesn’t cause the issue, and that’s how you can heal this up. 

So, make sure your piercing is fully healed up. And if you switch to a ring and that bump happens, don’t fight it. Go back to the stud, heal it up for another month or so, and often the ring will work a month or two months after that. Just be patient.

Bump On Navel Piercing

Navel Piercing Bump Forming

Next, we will discuss the navel piercing. Navel piercing pants are generally people’s biggest issue, besides changing out your jewelry too much. 

If you wear high-waisted pants and they are rubbing directly against your piercing, you will have bumps and irritation, and it will take forever to heal if it even heals at all. 

So, if you’re going to get this piercing, you need to wear the appropriate clothes to heal this up.

How To Get Rid Of Bump On Navel Piercing?

How to get rid of piercing bump on navel? Now, the first picture we’re looking at here, the reason the bumps are there is probably not because of the person who got pierced, but because of the piercer. 

how to get rid of Navel Piercing Bump
how to get rid of piercing bump on navel

There are bumps on the top and bottom because the piercing was pierced too deep. And because it’s deep in, it’s lifting up on the belly, causing the bump on the front on the bottom. 

Imagine that pulling up all the time. That’s just a barrier of scar tissue to protect it. 

And that is also pushing back on the belly on the top, which is the reason why there is a bump on the backside of the bead. It makes perfect sense when you break it down. It was pierced too deep at the wrong angle. 

If they put a regular curved barbell in there with no gem, it might heal up. But that takes the fun out of wearing the gem jewelry.

surface piercing navel piercing bump

This next navel piercing didn’t have a chance at all. This is a surface piercing, not a navel piercing. It wasn’t pierced into the actual curve of the belly button, and it’s trying to surface its way out. It has a bump on the bottom because it’s going perpendicular to the tissue. This should be taken out immediately.

Difference Between Keloid And Piercing Bump

The last thing we’ll discuss is keloids. A keloid is a medical condition where the scar tissue continues to grow, creating massive scars. 

If you are prone to this, you probably know about it already. Any normal cut or scrape on your arm, hand, or face would create that big scar. 

piercing bump vs keloid

As you can see in the pictures up here, these are keloids, probably from a simple earlobe piercing. It’s unfortunate. So, if you are prone to keloids, do not get pierced. This is always a possibility, and it’s so tough to treat. 

So, keloids are different than piercing bumps. Chances are, if you really think it’s a keloid growing, you should talk to a doctor or medical professional.

Conclusion On How To Get Rid Of Piercing Bump

Understanding how to get rid of piercing bump is crucial for maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your piercings. With the right knowledge and care, you can overcome piercing bumps and enjoy the beauty of your piercings with confidence. Here’s to a bump-free and joyful piercing experience!

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