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titanium opal earrings

Titanium Opal Earrings

If you’re still just wearing silver and gold jewelry, I’m here to convince you why you need to start implementing titanium opal earrings into your life. And here are some of the favorite must-have opal titanium earrings pieces.

Opal Titanium Hoop Earring

Titanium Opal Earrings

One of our favorites is our opal titanium hoop earring. This piece of jewelry can really be universal. You can obviously use it for the long term because it’s a solid piece.

You can’t interchange them daily if you want, but it’s kind of a struggle. So having a really good piece in there for the long term is your best bet.

Single Opal Titanium Earring

Moving on to our single earrings, we have our opal Trinity, our opal Marquee, and our opal flower.

opal trinity titanium stud earrings the origin color

These gorgeous opal set titanium earrings can be placed anywhere you want on your ear. They’re very versatile, so if you’re putting them in your lobes, your tragus, your conch, your helixes, your forward helixes, they can really go in numerous places.

How To Style Titanium Opal Earrings?

For example, you can put in the opal flower titanium earring in your first lobe, and then you can also add the opal hinge ring. You can see how well they go together, and I paired them with some solid gold pieces to balance them out.

If you don’t have the piercings or the anatomy to get them pierced, here’s another look. You can put in the Trinity in the tragus and also add the opal Marquee up in the helix.

As we said, they can go to numerous places, and you can switch it up however you like.

I really like the Trinity titanium opal earrings, for example, in the tragus, but you can move them to the conch as well. It’s super pretty if you have a conch or even a mid-helix. I really like how those two look. And then the Marquee, I like the flare of it, so putting it up in the corner of Helixes is super cute.

If you really like minimalism, but you want to spice it up and add a little bit of pop, these opals will really help you achieve that. The examples I showed you were very muted compared to the opals, to let the opal shine. So I feel like it’s a really good option if you want to mix it up. Visit our titanium earrings shop to see more.


I hope you enjoyed the looks that I created for you today, and I hope I convinced you at least a little bit to try out some titanium opal earrings.

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