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are you supposed to turn your earrings after piercing

Should You Turn Earrings After Piercing?

In this article, we’re going to be talking about whether you really have to turn your earrings or not. Should you turn earrings after piercing? If you’ve been recently pierced, you may have heard some conflicting piercing advice. Depending on where you got your piercing and who did it, you may be feeling confused, especially if you were previously told to turn your earrings and are now being advised not to.

Should you turn earrings after piercing is one of the most frequently asked questions, and I’ve heard you. So here we are. If you’re one of those wondering if should you turn earrings after piercing, keep on reading.

Everyone Was Told to Turn Earrings After Piercing

Should you turn earrings after piercing? Back in the day, not even that long ago, it was something that everyone was told to do, no matter who pierced you – to turn your earrings.

This also applied to body piercings. Many people were instructed to move their jewelry back and forth or turn their earrings. Some still recommend this practice, but there are more professional piercers who advise against it, causing some confusion.

Why Some Piercers Recommend Turning Your Earrings

Are you supposed to turn your earrings after piercing? Now, as for why some piercers recommend turning your earrings, the reasons are usually to prevent the skin from adhering to the piercing or to keep the skin from growing over the earring.

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Why Some Piercers Recommend Not Turning Your Earrings

should you turn earrings after piercing
should you turn earrings after piercing

Regarding why some piercers recommend not turning your earrings, there are a few reasons.

First, it introduces more bacteria to the piercing, which increases the risk of bacterial infection because a piercing is an open wound.

Second, every time you turn your titanium earring, you may tear the skin or reopen the piercing, which prolongs the healing time. Additionally, over-turning your earrings can cause inflammation.

My Personal Opinion On Should You Turn Earrings After Piercing

Should you turn earrings after piercing? which approach should you follow? Here’s my personal opinion: When piercers suggest turning your earrings, it’s more about checking to ensure they aren’t becoming too tight and that your skin isn’t growing over them.

Tightening jewelry is often the cause of skin growing over the earring, and turning them daily allows you to notice it happening. So, that’s why I believe it’s a way to check on your earrings.

As for not turning your earrings, it does make sense that if you’re constantly touching your ears twice a day (as they say, turn your ears twice a day for four to six weeks), it might not be necessary.

If you’re doing it that many times, you do risk getting a bacterial infection because you are constantly touching stuff and then touching your ears. So, that makes sense.

If you’ve been recently pierced and you go to turn your earrings and you notice that it feels kind of stuck as you’re turning them, it feels like your skin is ripping, to me, that makes sense. Yes, you are ripping your skin every time, and that just delays the healing time of your piercing.

I have seen time and time again where people overturn their earrings more than twice a day. They do it out of boredom and obsession, and it just leads to inflammation. So, all of that totally makes sense to me.

Do the reasons for not turning your earrings outweigh the reasons for turning them? Now, this is something that’s actually not specifically mentioned on the Association of Professional Piercers’ website, which is Safe Piercing Core.

So now that you guys know the reasons why piercers tell you to turn your earrings versus not to turn your earrings. Should you turn earrings after piercing? what do you guys think?

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