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princess albertina

Princess Albertina Piercing

What is a princess albertina piercing? The princess albertina is one of the most common and easy female genital piercings. So that’s got to mean that princess albertina is just as easy, right? We gotta talk about this.

What Is Princess Albertina Piercing?

Princess albertina piercing is far from a simple piercing. This is actually one of the more complicated female genital piercings because it goes into the vagina and out of the urethra.

Why Is Princess Albertina Piercing Complicated?

princess albertina piercing
princess albertina piercing

The reason why princess albertina piercing is so complicated is that you need to have the appropriate anatomy for this, and one of the main things I’m talking about here is a large urethra.

A lot of people actually get into sounding tools, which is stretching out the urethra because there needs to be a large enough path where you can put a receiving tube in there to pierce from the vaginal wall into the urethra.

Prince Albert Piercing Problems

Now, the princess alberta piercing itself has to be done with a ring, and generally, I’m going to say a minimum of a 12 gauge, and it needs to be sitting in there comfortably. It can’t be too tight or too big; this will cause a lot of problems.

The one thing I hear over and over is UTIs for this piercing. I’ve heard that you can expect an average of two or three urinary tract infections during the healing process of a princess alberta piercing.

The Healing Time of Princess Albertina Piercing

Mixing these two areas together, it’s a rough piercing and a rough one to heal. On average, I would say it’s going to take four to six months for this to be completely healed and completely comfortable.

So there’s a lot to this one, let’s just refer to the “painometer.” It’s up there, but that’s what we expected.


Now, in general, I’m not a real big fan of princess albertina piercing. Like I said, with two to three urinary tract infections, the healing time, and the amount of problems we have, it’s a pretty rough one. And on top of that, if you were looking to get this done, you need to seek out only the best of the professionals. What do you guys think of princess albertina piercing? Let me know in the comments.

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