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ear piercing styling

Ear Piercing Styling

Hi everyone. Today, I want to explain what exactly ear piercing styling is here at, and explain how we execute styling customers’ ears.

First, when a client comes into our store and emails us for ear piercing styling advice, we want to make sure that we know what they’re here for. So, we ask them a series of questions. For instance, will they be changing old jewelry with new pieces, or are they coming in for a completely new look?

Depending on their answer, we follow up by asking about their budget and the type of material they prefer. This could be white gold or yellow gold or titanium. We get even more specific and then inquire if they like diamonds, solids, or opal.

Furthermore, we also want to know about the style they’re aiming for – what’s the vibe they want to achieve? You might be wondering why we ask all these questions. Well, these are important factors that significantly help our stylists create the perfect look.

We take pride in finding the right appearance for our customers. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to leave with an amazing experience and a beautifully adorned new ear.

We definitely don’t believe that ear piercing styling is merely about poking someone and putting any jewelry in. It requires a lot of careful thinking, creativity, and effective communication with our clients. So, if you’re interested in getting styled by us or any, feel free to email us.

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