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how to reopen a closed nose piercing

How To Reopen A Closed Nose Piercing

Can I reopen my nose piercing? Yes! You can. But how to reopen a closed nose piercing? In today’s article, I’m going to share with you how to reopen a closed nose piercing if it starts to close up, because that’s actually what is currently happening to my nose piercing.

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Why Did My Nose Piercing Close Up?

So, back in March, I had just bought a new nose ring. I was at work, my allergies were bothering me, and I happened to go into the bathroom to blow my nose. While I was using these hard paper towels to blow my nose, they were so hard that a piece of the paper towel ended up lifting my nose ring. It popped out and went into the drain that was on the floor. I heard it hit the floor, and I guess it bounced into the drain because I never found it. Usually, I’m so good about finding my jewelry if it falls on the floor, but I couldn’t find it.

Quarantine happened right after that, and I just haven’t been able to go get a new nose ring. It hasn’t been on my list of priorities. So, I haven’t had my nose ring in.

What starts to happen usually is that my piercings stay open for a pretty long time. But with my nose piercing, I know that the inside starts to heal before the outside. That’s pretty much how your piercings close up. They’ll look like they’re open from the outside, but the inside is closing up.

How To Use A Piercing Earring To Reopen Nose Piercing

How to reopen a closed nose piercing? What I do to get my nose piercing to open back up is a piercing earring. Yes, these are pointier than regular earrings. They have a point and they are sharp.

What I do is insert the earring from the outside. It’s already starting to hurt. This is the part where it hurts, just a warning. Your eye may start to tear up. That wasn’t too bad.

Then, I will just take this out and put in a new nose ring or my original nose ring. A piercing earring trick is what I use for my nose piercing when I feel like it’s starting to close up, and also for ear piercings. That’s something I would always recommend someone try if they were having trouble, even with an ear piercing, is to use a piercing earring. Go through the back, go through the front.


That is my trick to reopen a closed nose piercing at home. Because if I don’t have an earring in for a little bit, it does start to close up on the inside. If you guys found this article helpful, please share it with your friends.

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