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piercing by pagoda

Piercing by Pagoda

A few days ago, I was on Facebook and I saw something very interesting. It was a hiring post for Piercing Pagoda, but this wasn’t just any hiring post. If you don’t know, I used to work at Piercing Pagoda. I no longer work there, but I worked there three different times, in three different positions. So, I’m very familiar with the company, and I’m friends with a lot of store managers and district managers.

Piercing Pagoda Hiring

Obviously, I’m friends with them on Facebook. When I saw the first post, I thought, “Okay, this is for a specific location in a different state. It probably has to do with that state’s piercing laws. Like, they’re probably going to test it out.”

But then I started seeing more and more markets, different locations, sharing it. So, I’m like, “Wow, they’re about to launch it out to more, to all the stores.” But then, once I looked more into it, it looks like they’re only doing it for like one or two stores in each district. It’s probably the most profitable store in that district, but it might have to do with something else, which I’ll get into later in the article.

By the way, anything mentioned in this article is my opinion and my opinion only. I just wanted to share because I think this is very interesting. So, let me just get into the post. I’m going to share the post and also give you guys my opinion on it.

It says, “Piercing Pagoda: We are seeking a body piercing subject matter expert and licensed body piercer for our location.” So, they are hiring licensed body piercers at Piercing Pagoda.

My first thought is, like, are they going to have professional body piercers use piercing instruments? But we’ll get into that. It says, “We require candidates to be friendly and customer experience-focused. Adaptability and flexibility will be required in our fast-paced environment.”

Piercing Pagoda Is Fast-paced

Yes, Piercing Pagoda is definitely fast-paced. A lot of people don’t realize how many piercings a Piercing Pagoda does. So, for example, in the location where I used to work, on the weekends, we could do anywhere between 24 to 30 pairs of piercings. And that’s just one store. My mall had two locations, and they were both very busy with piercings.

Does Piercing Pagoda Do Nose Piercings?

As our store’s piercing expert, I will be responsible for providing quality facial and ear-piercing experiences for our guests. Maintaining procedural sanitation standards and recommending the proper products and aftercare for my guests. Facial and ear piercings, so again, I thought this was probably location-dependent. It depends on the location because there are some Piercing Pagodas that do nose piercings.

For example, I know that some of the locations in Pennsylvania do nose piercings. It depends on the county. So, that’s what I thought when it came to that. But it gets more interesting. It says, “You’ll be responsible for the development of additional piercing team members in your store.” So, that means that they’re going to, like it says, be responsible, which is normally the store manager’s responsibility, to certify employees, to train and certify their employees.

And then, for example, in the county where I live, the health inspector would come and make sure that they were certified, would verify that they were certified. So, that’s interesting. It’s no longer going to be the store manager’s responsibility. And I wonder if that has to do with, like, are they going to be working as apprentices under the piercer that they’re trying to hire. So, I don’t know. We’ll see.

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What Kind Of Piercer Does Pagoda Need?

When not executing piercings, they also assist customers with jewelry purchases. So, they’re not only going to be piercers, but also employees. I don’t think this is something they’re going to be hiring out. And if they don’t hire externally and are a Piercing Pagoda or Signet employee, then that means they would get health benefits, which is a plus for a body piercer.

Education Required:

  • Piercing license
  • Bloodborne pathogen certification
  • First aid and CPR certification

If you were to go on and look up how to become a body piercer, you would need a bloodborne pathogen certification, which costs around $25, and a CPR certification. So, this is legit. They’re making sure they cross their t’s and dot their i’s. They’re hiring a legitimate body piercer.

I honestly think that everyone at Piercing Pagoda should have a bloodborne pathogen certification. I took the certification last year out of interest because I didn’t learn about it when I worked at Piercing Pagoda. Years of job-related experience required: one year of piercing, at least one year of piercing.

This part clarified everything for me:

Technical or Other Skills Required:

– Usage of autoclave and completing facial piercings

Does Piercing Pagoda Use Needles?

This pretty much confirmed that they’re most likely going to be piercing with needles, and that’s why they’re getting an autoclave, so they can sanitize everything. I just don’t know where they’re going to put an autoclave in these kiosks unless they start taking advantage of all the empty space now in malls.

I’m sure they can get it for very cheap now, as the retail world is changing. Many malls are not what they used to be, especially with COVID. There are so many empty spaces in my mall now. Maybe they’ll start taking advantage of that, so it’s in line rather than in the open. But that’s just me thinking ahead.

Then it says:

Signet Jewelers is an equal-opportunity employer committed to promoting diversity at all levels of employees. Please know that while we appreciate every applicant’s interest, we can only contact those selected for further consideration. If you don’t know, Piercing Pagoda is under Signet, which also includes K Sales, Jared’s, and a few others.

What I noticed about this is that there was no link. So, I went to and noticed that there were no postings for body piercers. It seems like they just had district managers post about it. When I first saw this, I thought that not that many district managers or store managers are body piercers, so how are they really going to get the people they’re looking for?

So, if you were a professional piercer looking for this, you would actually have to go on Facebook, search for Piercing Pagoda, and go to the post section to find these posts I’m talking about. Hopefully, they have their page open so you can see it. Hopefully, it’s not private. This is a significant deal for Piercing Pagoda.

Does Piercing Pagoda Use A Gun? 

Currently, they pierce with piercing instruments or a piercing gun, as some people like to call them. I think they’re trying to expand their customer base and gain more trust.

I think this is really interesting because I remember years ago when I used to work as a store manager, I asked my district manager, “Why don’t they just have a piercer? A dedicated piercer, not like a professional body piercer,” because I never thought that day would come.

Like, why don’t they just have a dedicated piercer so that someone can focus on the piercing business, and then another employee can focus on the jewelry business? Because it’s a lot going back and forth. Or when you’re working with a piercing customer and then you have someone else come up, and you’re by yourself.

Or if you’re working with a jewelry customer and then a piercing customer comes up, it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you don’t have another employee with you. And you might lose that customer. Also, sometimes employees don’t feel like piercing and get lazy. So, I just feel like having a dedicated piercer is going to allow for more consistency in the piercing business, and it will help with the quality of the type of piercings that Piercing Pagoda is doing.

What Does Piercing Pagoda Pierce?

So, it sounds like they’re doing facial and ear piercing. They’ll probably do the whole ear, maybe different ear piercings than what they already offer. Right now, they only offer earlobe piercings, like pretty much the outside of the ears. Maybe they’ll start doing the tragus and other types of ear piercings.

As far as facial piercings, right now some Piercing Pagodas do nose piercings. I wonder if they’re going to also start doing labret piercings and eyebrow piercings, like other types of facial piercings since they’re going to have an autoclave and it sounds like they’re going to be using needles.

Is Piercing Pagoda Jewelry Good Quality?

I also wonder what type of quality jewelry they’re going to be using. They do have jewelry in-store, but I’m just curious as to what type of quality jewelry they’re going to be using for these new piercings that they might start doing. I’m interested to know what you guys think of this. This is a pretty big deal. Piercing Pagoda is definitely trying to expand their piercing business and also they want you to be able to trust them.

Does Piercing Pagoda Use A Gun Or Needle?

I don’t think that they’ll stop using a piercing instrument. I think that will still be part of their business. This is just my opinion. I think because some people still do prefer that. Especially moms with little kids. They just like the fact that it’s quick.

And yes, there are people that do prefer them, but for that reason – I mean, there are a lot of little kids who are intimidated by needles. Think about getting shots and stuff like that. And some people with severe anxiety would rather it just be done very quickly. So, I don’t think that they will stop doing that, and I don’t think people should be shamed for their decision on getting pierced with those types of things. Like, just pick your poison.


I’m interested to know what you guys think of Piercing Pagoda hiring professional body piercers. This is good for professional body piercers because if they hire them as employees, that will give body piercers the opportunity to get health insurance, which is really good because I know when you work for a small business, it can be hard to get your own health insurance. Would you guys get pierced now at Piercing Pagoda if they have a professional body piercer?

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