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Crucial Facts About Nose Piercings

5 Crucial Facts About Nose Piercings

In this article, I’m telling you everything you need to know before getting a nose piercing.

Don’t Get Nose Piercing When You’re Sick

One: Don’t get this piercing when you’re sick.

First off, you shouldn’t even be out if you’re sick, let alone getting a piercing. But if you are the type that’s eager to get a nose piercing, definitely wait until you’re fully recovered. We don’t want you getting boogers on your piercer.

Clean Your Nose

Number two, clean your nose. Do it for yourself and your piercer. The piercers don’t want to see boogers stretching out of your nose, so please do us a favor and clean your nose.

Use A Stud

Number three: Make sure wherever you get pierced, they use a stud, not a ring.

If they are secured in a reliable shop, they should definitely use a stud no matter what. But just in case, make sure, again, wherever you go, they’re using a stud in your nose. But definitely, once it’s healed, feel free to switch it to a hoop.

Avoid Makeup

Number four: Avoid makeup. I get it, girlies. It’s summertime, and we’re trying to look good. But unfortunately, if you’re thinking about coming in to get a nose piercing, makeup is something you’re going to have to avoid.

We’re going to have to wipe the makeup off either way, and you don’t want to patch a foundation missing off of your nose. So, I would avoid it altogether and even probably for two weeks after your piercing.

Nose Piercing Healing Time

Number five: Healing time. Expect this piercing to heal in about six to eight months, and it can heal faster if you clean it two to three times a day with a saline solution.

Make sure to clean inside and outside. People tend to forget to clean the inside, but that’s just as important—inside and out.

If you think this article is helpful in any way, please share it with your friends. And tell us what you feel are some of the best tips to heal your nose piercing.

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