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litha method

LITHA Method

What is the LITHA method for piercings, you may be wondering? What does ‘A’ stand for, and what does it have to do with piercings? Well, that’s what I’m going to be going over in today’s article.

My name is Molly, I used to pierce ears for six years before being a blogger. If you guys want to see more on piercings and titanium earrings, then be sure to subscribe to our blogs. Our stud earrings and flat back earrings are often on sale!

I’ve heard of LITHA method piercing before, but I recently saw this in a piercing group, which inspired this article. I wanted to talk about this because I don’t think people realize that less is more when it comes to piercings.

What Is LITHA Method?

The LITHA method—it stands for “Leave It The Hell Alone.” I know it can sound a bit aggressive, but sometimes you just have to put it like that.

Every piercer is going to have their own piercing aftercare advice. With that being said, you should definitely do your research on who is piercing you. You don’t want just anyone piercing you, and what works for a friend may not work for you.

So, do your research first. A good place to start is a piercer that is part of the APP (association of professional piercers). In that way, you guys can find one that’s closest to you.

The “Leave It The Hell Alone” approach. Every piercer, like I said, is going to be different, but a good majority of piercers do stand by this.

The LITHA method means no touching, twisting, tea tree oil, or harsh chemicals like alcohol or peroxide.

Does The LITHA method Work?

litha method piercing works
litha method piercing works

Yes, the LITHA method works.

Tea tree oil is just entirely way too strong when it comes to piercings. No alcohol, or peroxide. Think about it; with alcohol and peroxide, you put those on cuts because you want them to heal; you want them to close.

With a piercing, what do you want to do? You want it to stay open. Also, nothing like Claire’s or Pagoda aftercare. A lot of piercers don’t believe in their aftercare because of the ingredients inside of them.

LITHA Method for New Piercings

Pretty much, after you have paid someone to put a hole in your body, you want to let your body heal itself to get rid of any dirt, or debris that may collect around the piercing or behind your piercing. Then you can use something like a sterile saline wound wash. This comes in many different brands.

Some piercers even just say, “Rinse it out in the shower.” You do have to be careful of your water quality here. So, from my own personal experience with my own piercings and then from piercing people. I may clean them for like a week, and then I just forget about them. Like I didn’t touch them or do anything crazy.

And then, from my experience doing piercings, the more people that play with them or are eager to change them and pull all this crazy stuff on them, the more problems occur.

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The “Leave It The Hell Alone” (LITHA) method for piercing aftercare offers a valuable perspective on the art of healing piercings. This approach emphasizes minimal interference and allows the body’s natural healing processes to take the lead. What do you guys think of the LITHA method?

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