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piercing styling mistakes

Piercing Styling Mistakes

Hey everyone, my name is Molly. I am here to talk about common piercing styling mistakes I see a lot of people making. In this article, you will learn how to perfect your ear styling journey and achieve stunning results. Don’t miss out on this valuable guide to enhance your piercing style game.

Not Having Any Idea

So, the first piercing styling mistake I see a lot of people making is not having any idea of how they want their ears styled.

You should definitely be doing a lot of research on how you want your ears to look. I recommend going online and looking at Pinterest for inspiration ideas.

Don’t Get Styled at A Tattoo Shop

Mistake number two is expecting to get styled at a tattoo shop.

99% of the time, going to a tattoo shop to get pierced and styled won’t be as helpful as an actual piercing stylist would. So, do your research and find a stylist who will get the job done correctly. Styling an ear takes a lot of communication between the stylist and the client, and it requires a thought-out plan.

Don’t cheap out

Piercing styling mistake number three: Don’t cheap out.

In order to keep a look that is going to be long-lasting, you need good jewelry, and that can be pricey, such as titanium earrings. So, keep that in mind when you want to style your ears. If you go for cheap stuff, in the long run, you end up wasting more money by constantly having to replace the cheap jewelry.

Visual Imbalance

Piercing styling mistake: Visual imbalance. The whole point of ear styling is to come out with a well-thought-out, eye-catching look for your ear. If you’re just throwing pieces of jewelry on your ear without any planning, consistency, or a cohesive goal, then that is creating a visual imbalance.

So, things to remember: bigger pieces on the bottom of the ear and smaller pieces as you’re going up the ear. If you’re mixing metals, make sure there’s a pattern so it doesn’t look chaotic, and creating shapes with your ear helps fill in your ear more. For example, a piercing in your tragus, mid-helix, and flat creates a triangle on your ear.

Not Paying Attention to Face Shape

And finally, piercing styling mistake number five: Believe it or not, the shape of your face can either diminish the look rather than complete and enhance your overall look.

Alright, guys, I hope listening to these common mistakes will help you in your ear styling journey a little more.

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