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how to know if a piercing is infected

How To Know If A Piercing Is Infected?

How to know if a piercing is infected? In this article, we will discuss about piercing infections. We’re going to discuss how to know if your piercing is infected and what to do if you need to keep your earring in. If you have a piercing infection, we’ll also cover how to prevent it.

How Does Ear Piercing Infection Occur?

A piercing infection occurs when your piercing is exposed to bacteria. It’s caused by bacteria. If you were to have a piercing infection, you would know because your ear would be very swollen, especially around the piercing site.

Additionally, your piercing would feel hot to the touch and appear very red. Most of your ears would be very red. You might also notice some green or yellow discharge, resembling pus, coming out of my piercing.

Piercing Irritation vs Infection

Piercing Irritation vs Infection
Piercing Irritation vs Infection

It’s important to note that many people confuse a piercing infection with irritation.

Piercing infections don’t occur as frequently as you might think, but they do happen. Sometimes, what you assume is an infection is actually irritation.

Let’s go over that first. If your piercing were irritated, it would be slightly red, primarily around the actual piercing, as opposed to your entire ear. Several factors can cause irritation, such as incorrect aftercare, accidental trauma to the ear, wrong jewelry, or improper piercing placement.

So, as I mentioned earlier, if you suspect a piercing infection, most of your ear will appear red. However, you must emphasize that if you suspect a piercing infection, you should see a doctor. This is beyond the scope of a piercer, especially if you have a fever along with the infection or if your earring is becoming embedded in your ear.

Do Cartilage Piercings Get Infected Easily?

Cartilage piercings are one of the most common places to get a piercing infection, regardless of whether you use a piercing gun or a needle. They are more susceptible to infection because there is a limited blood supply in the cartilage. So, be aware of this before getting a cartilage piercing. They take longer to heal, can be a hassle, and have a higher risk of infection.

What To Do For Infected Ear Piercing?

If you suspect an infection, you would go to the doctor, and you would keep the earring in until the doctor examines you. You need them to see what it looks like with the earring in the ear. It would make you feel better knowing they’ve seen it.

If the doctor prescribes antibiotics or an antiseptic to apply to your ear, having the earring in ensures that the medicine can reach the infection through the open wound. If they prescribe an oral antibiotic, the situation may be different. Removing the earring would close the hole, making it difficult for the antibiotic to reach the infection.

I believe this can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the situation and the doctor you see. So, it’s essential to seek professional medical advice.

How To Prevent Ear Piercing Infection?

As far as how to prevent an ear piercing infection, you would definitely choose who pierces you wisely. You would certainly do your research, so you wouldn’t just impulsively get a piercing. Don’t think, ‘Let’s get a piercing today.’ Do your research before getting a piercing to avoid regrets later.

You need to ensure that the shop you go to is very clean. This is also related to aftercare and how you take care of your piercing. Make sure to wash your hands if and when you touch your piercing. Don’t keep touching your piercing constantly, as this introduces bacteria to it. So, definitely avoid touching your piercing, and if you have to touch it, clean your hands.

Conclusion On How To Know If A Piercing Is Infected?

How to know if a piercing is infected? However, please keep in mind that only a doctor can diagnose an infection. They are the only ones who can prescribe antibiotics. So, if you suspect that you have a piercing infection, see a doctor.

Please do not message me asking if you have a piercing infection, I can not tell you. If you’re unsure whether you have an irritation or a piercing infection, maybe you think it’s an irritation but aren’t sure, and you just want peace of mind, then see a professional piercer. They’ll be able to tell you if your piercing is irritated and what to do next. If your piercing happens to be infected, they will advise you to see a doctor because there’s nothing a piercer can do at that point. Hope this article about how to know if a piercing is infected may help you.

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