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nose ring too short

Nose Ring Too Short

Today, we’re going to talk about what to do if your nose ring is too short. The standard size for an L-shape, a corkscrew, and a bone is one-fourth of an inch. Some people found that these types of nose rings didn’t work for them simply because they were too short.

So today, I’m going to discuss what types of nose rings to look for and what size to consider if the standard size doesn’t work for you. There are two different options.

Nose Stud or Nose Earring

The first option is a nose stud or nose earring. This type of nose jewelry doesn’t have any ending like an L-shape, which makes it less likely to come out. The corkscrew has a U at the end, and the bone has a small ball at the end. These nose studs have no ending, so the only drawback is that they can potentially fall out.

Some people try to put backings on them or even use regular earrings. These nose studs are typically thinner and are sometimes referred to as “bend to fit” because you can bend them to your desired shape. However, they might not be suitable for those with a thicker piercing gauge.


The second option is a labret, which is gauged and thicker. You’ll need to determine the gauge size you were pierced with.

The advantage of a labret is that they come in various lengths. As we mentioned earlier, 1/4 inch is the standard size, but if you need a longer one, you can go with 5/16 inch. Some websites offer longer lengths, and professional piercers can assist you in finding the right size.

I hope you find this article about nose ring too short helpful.

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