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How Do You Know If A Piercing Is Not Professional

How Do You Know If A Piercing Is Not Professional?

Hello everyone. How do you know if a piercing is not professional? In this article, we discuss red flags to look out for when you are getting pierced.

They Don’t Have Credible Work References

Red flag number one is if they do not have a portfolio to show off. You need to make sure your piercer or the shop you’re going to does have some form of social media or at least in-store, they do have a personal portfolio.

In this day and age, it is a little bit odd if your shop does not have some sort of social media or piercing reference photos.

Piercer Isn’t Doing Anatomy Check

Red flag number two is if your piercer is not doing anatomy checks on your ear, especially for certain piercings like the industrial, forward helix, or even belly piercings.

You need to get an anatomy check done as your body may not have the right anatomy to support a piercing. The last thing you want to do is damage your ear or body and waste some more money.

Piercing Shop Is Using Piercing Guns

Red flag number three is using piercing guns. I myself have discussed this and how unnecessary piercing guns are. They are at a higher risk for cross-contamination and also they just do a lot of trauma to the skin or body wherever you’re getting pierced.

So, you need to make sure that they are using single-use needles. If they’re using a gun, chances are they are not professional piercers.

No Sterilization Station

Red flag number four, there is no sterilization station in sight.

You do need to make sure that there is a separate area of the studio where there are some sort of sterilization machines going, especially for your jewelry. You need to make sure that it’s sterilized as well as all of the tools that they’re using. There should be sterilization logs to prove this.

Now, some items that the studio may use will be reusable, and that’s all fine as long as there is some sort of sterilization going on with those items. Any sort of professional will let you know and be happy to tell you their process on how we do clean each material that we are using.

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