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Busting Common Piercing Myths

Busting 5 Common Piercing Myths

Have you ever wondered which piercing facts are actually real? Do they work, or do they not? Which ones are actually piercing myths? Well, in this article, we will show you exactly five piercing myths that are not true.

Top 5 Common Piercing Myths

1. You Can Remove Jewelry After Piercing

The first piercing myth is that you can definitely remove your jewelry after you’re piercing. That is completely not true, and it’s a myth. We’ll tell you why. 

First of all, your piercing has to heal. The healing stage takes about six to nine months. During that healing stage, removing the jewelry can irritate, inflame, or even cause an infection or allergic reaction to the area, depending on if you’re putting a cheaper metal in there. 

So you can definitely keep your jewelry the same when it’s freshly pierced.

2. You Can Put Any Kind Of Earrings In Piercing

The second piercing myth on the list is that you can put any kind of earrings you want in your piercing. That is not true. 

The materials you can place inside your ear that are safe and suitable are stuff like titanium or 14/18 karat gold, or platinum. They are safe to wear as piercings, and they won’t irritate you or cause any issues or complications. 

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If you’re putting more fashion jewelry or accessories through there, the tarnish and change will irritate your face and cause a lot of issues and problems. 

So you always need to stay up with quality over quantity, and you want to ensure you take care of yourself and your body by putting in the metals it needs. In our shop, you can find high-quality earrings.

3. You Can Use Whatever To Clean Piercing

The third piercing myth on the list is that you can use whatever you want to clean your piercing, like hydrogen peroxide. That is definitely not okay. 

Harsh cleaners like alcohol, peroxide, ointments, creams, and lotions are not intended for piercing aftercare. They can irritate or inflame your piercing. 

All you want to use is the saline wash solution that you use safely. There are no chemicals. It’s water and salt on your Q-tip or piercing twice daily, morning and night. Clean it thoroughly, and that’s it.

4. All Piercing Places Are Practically The Same

Piercing myth number four is that all piercing places are practically the same, so it doesn’t matter where you go. You’ve got to be out of your mind on this one. 

Piercing places are not the same. Many piercing places give bad advice, bad customer service, and just do horrible piercings. So you want to make sure you find a reputable studio to come to and get treated properly, get great advice, and get awesome piercings done as well. It’s really important to research where you go. 

5. Piercing Guns Are Perfectly Safe

Another thing on the list of piercing myths, if you’re someone who thinks piercing guns are perfectly safe, you are so wrong. 

Piercing guns are not safe to get done at all. They’re using blunt force trauma. Literally, that means the earring is getting shoved and forced through here for it to be pierced. That blunt force trauma can cause a lot of complications in the area, like damaged tissue and excessive buildup of scar tissue.

If you have yet to see what gun piercing gone wrong looks like, let’s take a look back. So let’s not do that, please; seriously, it’s an issue. It’s a problem. If you have a new piercing and you want to know exactly what not to do, so that way it heals properly and safely, we recommend reading this post right here.

what to do after ear piercing

Why is ear piercing not healing

Conclusion On Piercing Myths

There are many common piercing myths that can be debunked with factual information. By understanding the truth behind these piercing myths, you can make informed decisions about getting pierced and caring for your piercings.

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