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10 Useful Piercing Tips From A Pro

10 Useful Piercing Tips From A Pro

My name is Molly, and I am an experienced piercing specialist. In this article, we’re going to discuss 10 useful piercing tips you should know before getting your ears pierced.

Groom Your Hair

The first piercing tip you should know is definitely taking care of all hair appointments, shavings, waxes, and whatever you need in terms of grooming. It should be done before getting a piercing. Only because you definitely don’t want a barber to be snagging on you like a fresh tragus or fresh helix as they’re combing, brushing, bleaching, or whatever it is hairstylists do to your hair to look good.

Handle that before getting your piercing because you don’t want anyone to get near that area for a good time period. In the beginning, it’s very fresh, sore, and irritating. You just don’t want to sit there and have to deal with that. So definitely take care of anything barber and salon-related before you get a piercing. That’s what I’m trying to say. Take care of that beforehand.

Shower Up

piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-take shower
piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-take shower

The second piercing tip is to shower up, believe it or not. We do experience people that come in with a very bad odor. Do yourself a favor, and do your stylist and piercer a favor. Shower up and get cleaned up and really take care of yourself before you get a piercing.

Even though everyone’s wearing masks, you can still smell that stuff. So it just looks good when your hair is clean, and smells fresh. It’s just a good pleasant experience.

Just shower before you get a piercing. Believe it or not, it’s happened more times than you think. So please shower before seeing your piercer or your stylist.


The 3rd piercing tip is sleep. Please do not come with one hour of sleep or a three-day bender. I know a lot of people love to party, but it’s definitely a good idea to get a good, nice rest so you feel very refreshed, very comfortable, and very happy.

Not groggy, not hungover, not like, whatever happens when you don’t sleep for a couple of days. It’s just much better. You think better, your decision-making is also a lot better. I don’t have to go through the health benefits of sleep but sleep before you get a piercing. It just makes you feel better. Just take care of that plan.

Eat A Nice And Healthy Meal

piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-Eat A Nice And Healthy Meal
piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-Eat A Nice And Healthy Meal

The 4th piercing tip is to eat a nice and healthy meal. Definitely, don’t eat anything too heavy that’s going to make you feel sick after getting a piercing. Definitely eat a very light, very healthy meal before getting a piercing. Maybe a nice salad, maybe a nice bowl.

I’m not trying to give you nutrition advice either, but just eat something that’s going to make you feel good before you get a piercing because if you feel good, you’re just going to have a good experience, So hit up your Chipotle’s. eat a nice and healthy meal. Blood loss and feeling dizzy if you don’t eat a meal. That is very true. I completely forgot about that.

Eating a meal before getting your ears pierced makes you feel good because sometimes people do have a low blood sugar drop whenever they get a piercing. So eating something beforehand definitely makes you feel like not passing out. So eating a meal definitely helps you to not pass out.

Agua, Hydro, And Water

Number five is agua, hydro, and water. Very important.

Hydration is super important because if you your mouth is very dry trying to pronounce certain words. It just doesn’t feel right. Cheers! Drink water before you get a piercing anyway.

Bring A Friend

piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-bring a friend
piercing tips before getting your ears pierced-bring a friend

The 6th piercing tip is to bring a friend. It’s always good to have this emotional support friend with you, and it doesn’t always mean an animal because I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna let you bring a dog or a cat or a turtle or an ostrich or whatever animal that you consider your emotional support animal.

I’ve seen a peacock on an airplane once because there’s an emotional support animal. Not going to get into it, but bring a friend, a human being, someone that you are close with, someone who always supports you in times of need.

Bring that person with you because having them sitting there supporting you, holding your hand, is almost, honestly, the best thing.

A cigarette lighter is also a great idea. So definitely bring another person with you so you have a very pleasant experience, and they can help you out throughout the whole process.

Ask Questions

The 7th piercing tip is to ask questions. I think the most important thing when you’re getting something that you have no idea about is asking questions.

If I’m gonna go get surgery, I’m gonna ask the doctor a bunch of questions, and piercings are like surgery except you’re not making a cut into your body. You’re pretty much putting a hole in your body. It’s always good to ask questions because there are a lot of things you might want to know but you’re hesitant to ask.

Dress Comfortably

The 8th piercing tip is very important. I don’t think people realize this. Like, dress comfortably. Obviously, don’t look like a slob or don’t look like you just woke up out of bed because you shouldn’t walk out of your house looking like that anyway.

But it’s good to dress very comfortably. Maybe athleisure wear, whatever it is, whatever is comfortable to you, wear that because you don’t want to walk into a place with high heels and a tight dress on or really tight pants on.

Just dress very comfortably because you are getting a piercing done. You want to be in the most comfortable position possible. So definitely dress comfortably. It definitely helps just be at ease, just be comfortable.

Control The Hair

The 9th piercing tip is to control the hair. I didn’t have an option. If you do have a nice set of hair, please comb your hair, tie your hair up, put bobby pins in, or whatever is required to control this jungle of a thing on top of your head.

Please control it, because whenever you’re piercing them, whenever you’re changing jewelry, like titanium earrings studs, you just don’t want to get snagged on. You don’t want to pull on anyone’s hair. It’s just really nice to have all the hair controlled because it just makes an easy experience for you, and they’re all happy at the very end.

Mentally Prepared

The 10th piercing tip is to be mentally prepared. This is a big one.

If you’re getting into something that is absolutely terrifying to you, you have to have mental thoughts. You have to think about this stuff. You have to be very mentally prepared.

So, with good food, good sleep, hydration, a friend, all those things will definitely help you mentally prepare.

Being mentally prepared is probably everything. Don’t bring your annoying kids to get a piercing because they help you not mentally prepare. They help you go crazy. So, don’t bring their little gargoyles to the store and have them running around and drive the piercer crazy and you crazy.

But in all seriousness, it’s just best to be mentally prepared because you want to go into it obviously making the right decision. And if you have a lack of sleep, if you don’t eat right or whatnot, and you’re intoxicated or something, you’re not going to make the best decision.

So, being sober, being mentally prepared, and just being ready for what you’re about to get done is the most important thing. So, you can have an overall good process.


Those are the 10 things you should do before getting a piercing. It was very nice to teach you these 10 piercing tips before getting your ears pierced. With the right information and preparation, you’ll be well on your way to rocking stylish and stunning ear piercings. So, go ahead and confidently adorn yourself with beautiful earrings, knowing that you’ve taken the necessary steps to make your piercing experience a success.

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