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How To Style Septum Piercing

How To Style Septum Piercing

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to style septum piercing.

Most people, when getting the septum piercing, will stick to the horseshoe. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, it’s simple, and it goes with everything. But there are tons of different styles and choices. If you look carefully, you have solid hinge rings, crystal hinge rings, as well as opal hinge rings, and the list goes on and on.

For this post, we will show you some favorite pieces we carry here at our shop.

Crystal And Opal Hinge Ring

Starting off with our 14-carat crystal and opal hinge ring. I like this piece because you’ve got your natural opal stone accompanied by flashy accents. This piece gives me festival vibes, Coachella, and boho vibes. So, you can definitely pair this piece with a flashy outfit.

Front Double-Row Hinge Ring

Moving on to the 14-carat front double-row hinge ring. This piece screams out dramatic and unique. I love how sparkly this piece is. I could see this piece being used for a nice night out or a cute date.

Opal Fixed Beaded Ring

We also have our 14-carat opal fixed beaded ring. This piece is very delicate. It also screams chill vibes but with a subtle pop. And if you’re an opal fan and you like to keep things subtle, this piece is for you.

Front Crystal Hinge Ring

Last but not least, we have a 14-carat front crystal hinge ring. This is your everyday look. It’s very flattering and also gives the right amount of pop.

Conclusion On How To Style Septum Piercing

If you’re still using the same jewelry on your septum, it’s time for an upgrade. If you enjoy this post about how to style septum piercing, you may also like these:

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