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Why You Should Never Get These 10 Piercings

Why You Should Never Get These 10 Piercings

What’s up, everyone? My name is Molly. I am a piercer with many years of experience and the blog editor of, and today we’ll be talking about 10 piercings you should never get. Why you should never get these 10 piercings? Read on.


Before I start this article about piercings you should never get, I just want everyone to know that you might have one of these piercings, and this aritcle might offend you. Don’t get offended, guys. It’s just a personal recommendation. You might have some of these piercings, and you could be taking really good care of them, and they could be doing perfectly fine for you.

But for the majority of people who ask me this question, these are some of the piercings from my experience I’ve noticed that don’t particularly heal well. People have more complications with them. It’s just something I personally don’t recommend.

But you can still get it. The order doesn’t matter. These piercings I’m mentioning aren’t in any particular sequence. I’m spontaneously listing 10, and these are the ones.

1. Snake Eyes Piercing

First, on the list of 10 piercings you should never get, a piercing I personally don’t recommend, and I think the majority of piercers also don’t recommend, is snake eye piercings.

What Are Snake Eyes Piercing?

If you guys don’t know what snake eye piercing is, it’s the piercing that goes across your tongue at the tip.

Why Are Snake Eye Piercings Bad?

The reason I don’t recommend snake eye piercing is that it’s at the tip of your tongue, and every time you’re talking, the tip of your tongue is constantly clicking, clacking, and banging against your front two teeth.

Over time, that is going to damage your teeth. I don’t care what anyone says; it will damage your teeth in the long run because you’re constantly clacking and clicking.

Also, accidents can happen too. You could actually bite your tongue and accidentally bite the ball and break a tooth. So just be mindful that snake eye piercing is one of the piercings that most piercers do not like to do and don’t recommend. I’m not the only one.

2. Finger Piercing

Number nine on the list of 10 piercings you should never get is finger piercings.

I’m notorious for doing a couple of these myself, but I personally do not like to do them. It’s mainly because they don’t really heal right.

I’ve personally done it with a dermal. A lot of the shoddy ones I’ve seen, they put, like, a banana-shaped or curved barbell through this part of the finger. That’s probably the worst way to do it. If you are going to do it, keep in mind that it may reject more easily compared to a dermal. While it can still reject, a dermal is designed to hold on a bit more securely.

So the reason I don’t like to do finger piercing is that you’re washing your hands every day, you’re putting your hands in your pocket, and you could be a UFC fighter. Whatever the reason is, you’re using your hands constantly, and you could always be banging up against this piece of jewelry, and this piercing could constantly get in trouble and get snagged on and just become very problematic for you.

In the long run, it will reject. So I personally don’t like finger piercings or anything of that sort because it’s just a problematic thing to deal with.

3. Dermal Piercing On Back Dimples

Piercing number eight on the list of 10 piercings you should never get is back dermal piercing. Yes, that is a piercing that people actually do.

What Is A Back Dermal Piercing?

If you don’t know, there are two dimples in the back. I don’t know if some of you have them, some of you don’t. I personally do. So people actually decide to put piercings there, and it’s in the form of a dermal.

Are Back Dermal Piercings Safe?

Back dermals piercing is not that great. Because your pants are right there.

If you sleep on it, when you sit in your car, your back is kind of against your lower back, touching everything. So, it’s like it can be caught on things so easily. It’s just something you don’t want to deal with.

Imagine constantly having something rub against the back of your pants; it’s just not a comfortable feeling. I don’t like to do them. I have done them. I always recommend to people not to do it, but they’re very adamant about it.

4. Anti Tragus Piercing With Curved Barbell

Number seven on the list of 10 piercings you should never get is anti-tragus with the curved barbell.

The reason I like anti-tragus piercing is that, for this specific facial area, when you’re getting this piercing, you’re supposed to use a square-shaped or rounded-edge-shaped type of jewelry. This type of piercing calls for precise jewelry – they refer to it as a surface bar. It’s the only kind of jewelry suitable for this area and this particular piercing.

But many times, people do it without much care and simply insert a curved barbell. Frequently, it results in rejection or the piercing barely holds on by a thin thread. I’ve witnessed this scenario numerous times, where it appears quite unattractive as if it’s on the verge of hanging by a slender piece of thread. The cause is typically the use of incorrect jewelry.

If you’re going to get an anti-tragus piercing, it should most likely be done with the surface bar because that’s what holds. Curved barbell, anti-tragus? Bad move.

5. Genital Piercing

Number six is genitals. Yes, I said it. Genitals, women’s parts, and male parts are the worst in my opinion, only because it’s such a sensitive area in your body. It’s like, why would you want to pierce that? Not even the piercing pain itself, but just the fact that you’re having to deal with something in such a sensitive area that is used all the time, especially when you go to the bathroom. I feel like it’s something that’s very problematic.

Obviously, people do have this genital piercing, and I’m sure they’re going to comment and say, “Yeah, it’s fine.”

But for the most part, I view this as a highly problematic piercing. I even had to replace one many, many years ago. It remains one of the most unpleasant-smelling piercings I’ve ever encountered. Consequently, I’ve observed that people often struggle to manage this piercing effectively. Given its location in an exceedingly sensitive area, I personally don’t endorse any form of genital piercings. It’s simply not my preference.

6. Smiley Piercing

Number five on the list of 10 piercings you should never get is the smiley piercing.

Often, individuals lack sufficient skin for this type of piercing, yet some piercers seem indifferent, saying, ‘Sure, give me 50 bucks, and I’ll get it done.’ They disregard the details. Consequently, they insert just about anything there. It involves an extremely thin piece of skin, through which they simply perform the piercing.

Over time, the jewelry gradually gets pulled downward until it begins to rub against your teeth. This constant rubbing wears away your enamel and may even reach your dentin, potentially causing significant issues for your front teeth.

You might even end up needing crowns. I’ve spent around six years in the dental field, and I even considered attending dental school. I possess a solid understanding of oral health, particularly when it pertains to oral piercings. Some of you might assert, ‘Sure, I’ve had a smiley piercing for many years, and it’s perfectly fine.’ Kudos to you. However, I hold a different perspective. Personally, I find them problematic. Those are my thoughts.

7. Dermal Piercing

Number four on the list of 10 piercings you should never get is dermals.

I do this because they do have an appealing look, don’t get me wrong. Nevertheless, the issue lies in people not fully comprehending what they’re signing up for when they opt for a dermal. It’s essentially an implant beneath your skin, anchored in place by your skin itself. Often, dermal plates resemble miniature skateboards, featuring a pair of holes – or perhaps three, contingent upon the design – allowing the attachment.

Your skin or its blood grows through that and binds together to that piece of metal. In order to remove this, if you no longer want it, you have to surgically remove it.

So if you’re going to get this piercing, you have to be ready for the consequences that come with it. If you don’t want it anymore and you’re literally going to be shoveling that thing out of your face or wherever it’s located, and a lot of the time it’s very painful.

Guys think very hard before getting a dermal. I like to do them because they look good, but it’s a double-edged sword. It looks good, but it’s a pain to deal with and a pain to take out. So yeah, just do what you want with that information.

8. Tongue Piercing

Number three, the one that everyone’s gonna hate me for, the tongue piercing.

I personally dislike tongue piercings. Even if the piece of metal has plastic balls – and yes, everyone might have plastic balls in their mouth, congratulations – it can still rub against your teeth. As time goes on, this continuous rubbing has the potential to harm your teeth.

Anyone who claims otherwise is being unrealistic. I mean, every dentist I’ve ever spoken to has shared the same sentiment. Any object present in your mouth that doesn’t naturally belong there will eventually contribute to gum and tooth wear. It’s simply an unavoidable outcome.

You might counter, ‘Well, I’ve had mine for 20 years without issues.’ Congratulations. However, many individuals do contemplate this. My stance remains firm – I don’t recommend it due to the foreign nature of the object in your mouth, potentially resulting in wear and tear on your oral health. While it’s a matter of personal preference, I personally don’t favor it.

If you possess it, good for you; just ensure diligent care.

9. Eyelid Piercing

Number two is a very uncommon piercing. I’ve probably seen Google Images twice. It’s an eyelid piercing.

What Is An Eyelid Piercing?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what an eyelid piercing is, it’s a piercing that goes literally through the eyelid and the skin.

Disgusting! I don’t know why the hell anyone would even think about that. It’s just very obvious – don’t pierce your freaking eye, man. Why would you do that?

Another individual who seemingly had an eyelid piercing, albeit it probably began as an eyebrow piercing that gradually drooped down, is Joe Exotic from the popular TV show ‘Tiger King.’ It appears he initially had an eyebrow piercing, but the specifics remain unclear.

Somehow, it started to shift downwards, now residing at the base of his eyebrow, near the eyelid. While I doubt that was his initial intent, that’s where it’s ended up. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of the look. If I may offer a suggestion, it might be wise for him to consider removing it.

10. Horizontal Lip Piercing

Last on the list – and let me emphasize, this isn’t arranged in any particular order, folks – is an idea that crossed my mind: the horizontal lip piercing. You’ve likely witnessed Cardi B confidently sporting this style; well, I’ve experimented with it as well – though not on myself, of course, but rather on a client.

This individual walked in approximately three years ago, coinciding with the initial surge of Cardi B’s adoption of this trend. He asserted, ‘I want that,’ while I voiced concerns due to the elevated risks of rejection and swelling. Nonetheless, he remained steadfast, persisting with his desire.

I eventually acquiesced, after thoroughly outlining all potential risks. ‘I’m ready,’ he declared, ‘Go ahead.’ ‘Very well,’ I conceded, ‘I’ll proceed. Nevertheless, if any complications arise, please return so we can address them. However, in the event of rejection, my options are limited.

It’s akin to nudging a car ever closer to the precipice of a mountain; inevitably, it will tip over and crash, an unfortunate incident waiting to unfold. Remarkably, this gentleman encountered no complications, leaving me genuinely surprised. Yet, for most brave souls attempting this venture, rejection often looms since this piercing isn’t ideally suited for the task. Frequently, lip piercings such as the vertical labret find harmony with the lip’s contours, thanks to the accommodating curved barbell.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the horizontal variation, its interaction with the lip’s anatomy and the jewelry’s shape can lead to a forward rejection tendency. This is precisely why I’m not an advocate. I can’t recommend it. Yes, it does present an attractive appearance – there’s no denying that. But alas, appearances can be deceiving.


Hope you like this post about why you should never get these 10 piercings. Many of the piercings gracing this list might charm the eye, yet their durability is lacking, problems often arise, and health hazards aren’t far behind. This is why, based on these considerations, I’m forthrightly advising against these particular 10 piercings. Admittedly, I’ve dabbled in a few myself in the past, so feel free to hold me accountable.

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