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facts about septum piercings

Facts About Septum Piercings

Hey guys, if you were thinking about getting a septum piercing and want more information on whether or not you should do it, then this article is for you. Today, I’m giving you five important facts about septum piercings that you need to know.

Where Is A Septum Piercing Located?

Fact number one: septum piercing location

You need to know where the piercing actually is. It’s inside of your nose, not on your nostril.

Fun facts about septum piercings: this piercing does not go into the hard cartilage part of your nose. There’s actually a sweet spot inside your nose that allows this to be an easy piercing.

Septum Piercing Jewelry Types

Facts about septum piercings number two: Jewelry.

There are a lot of options for septum piercings, such as hinge rings, clickers, horse shoes, and more. One of my favorites is the 14 karat double row hinge ring. What I like about this piece is that it’s made of 14-karat gold. So, for those of you with sensitive skin, it’s very safe.

We also have the titanium crystal clicker. This piece is similar, just made from different materials and in a different style. But we have many more options available. Just visit

Things To Look Out For

Facts about septum piercings number three: Things to look out for.

Do not touch, mess around with, or play with your jewelry at all. If you have crusties, do not pick at them because it really hurts. Please remember that with any piercing, avoid swimming in lakes and oceans for the first month or two. We know it’s summertime, but if you want your piercing to properly heal, please refrain from doing any of those things.

Septum Piercing Healing Time And Pain Level

Moving on to number four: healing time of septum piercing and pain level of septum piercing.

Typically, the healing time of septum piercing is going to be six to nine months. Some people heal faster than others, and if that’s your case, then bravo. But for the rest of us, the healing time is going to be six to nine months.

As for the pain level of this piercing, I would say it’s a four. Most clients say they don’t even feel much pain. However, because your tear ducts are connected to that area, you are bound to shed a tear or two. I know I did, but trust me, it’s pretty painless.

Aftercare For A Septum Piercing

Finally, facts about septum piercings number five: aftercare of septum piercing.

And this one’s very important. You want to clean it two to three times a day.

Conclusion On Facts About Septum Piercings

Hope these facts about septum piercings may help you. If you want to learn more about different piercings, go ahead and check out more of our blogs.

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