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what is a forward helix piercing

What Is A Forward Helix Piercing

What is a forward helix piercing? A few years back, this picture went viral. And before we knew it, every piercer in the world was piercing the triple forward helix.

what is a forward helix piercing

Every day, a big shout out to Christina Shaw, who is the piercer who did these piercings, took the picture and introduced the triple forward helix to the world. Thank you very much.

Now, before she did this, we were doing forward helixes, most likely as a single piercing, and chances are, it was probably a ring. It wasn’t quite as attractive as the beautiful triple forward helix, that she introduced.

How To Pierce A Forward Helix?

Like a fingerprint, no two ears are the same.

Everyone’s anatomy and shape can be so drastically different from person to person. So, for forward helix piercing, you’re definitely going to want to talk to a piercer and see what would work best for you because not everyone can get the triple.

Some people call it the double, and some can only get the single.

When we’re looking at these two ears here, you’ll notice that one has a nice fold or ridge where you won’t see the backing of the stud.

How To Pierce A Forward Helix

There’s going to be a little disc on the back, and the popular pictures you’ll see on the internet won’t be showing the disc.

On the other ear, you’re looking at a fold that’s straight up, and you’ll see the back as well as the front. It kind of takes away the effect of the look of the triple forward helix.

what is a forward helix piercing

If you wanted to get it done, you can still have it done, but keep in mind you’ll see the back as well as the front.

Some people don’t have the anatomy at all for this piercing, and some people can get up to like four, possibly even five. Every person is so different. Talk to your piercer.

Forward Helix Piercing Jewelry

The jewelry options for a forward helix piercing are basically going to be a labret stud.

I would highly suggest going with the threadless piece as opposed to a threaded piece. The reason is that the threaded piece can work just as well, but you can’t stick your finger on the back of your ear to really hold onto that disc and make sure it stays tight.

A threadless piece is held in by pressure and is not very likely to fall out or have as many problems. So keep in mind you have to have the longer one in there until it’s all the way healed up, and downsized, so it doesn’t migrate, shift, or move into a different position. It is very important.

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How Long Does A Forward Helix Piercing Take To Heal?

Forward helix piercing has many different healing times and many different factors.

If you’re just getting one piercing done with a stud, maybe three to six months, but any cartilage piercing can take up to a year. The more you get, the longer it’s going to take to heal.

So if you’re getting all three done, generally what I’ve seen is a minimum of a year-long healing process. When you’re putting three small piercings in that small of an area, the piercing is going to cause swelling, which puts pressure on the next piercing, which causes swelling, and so on. That’s why this takes so long to heal.

Tips For Getting Forward Helix Piercing

You’ve got to be patient, clean it properly, and of course, do your best not to sleep on it because that’s probably one of the most common problems people have.

Also, keep in mind when you’re getting a forward helix piercing done, if you wear glasses, let your piercer know because sometimes the piercing can rest right on that area.

Another thing is combing and brushing your hair.

If it’s right on the front, hair can get pulled in there, and it’s really easy to pull. So be gentle with your piercing.

The last thing I want to talk about here is downsizing the jewelry. Many people leave the original long one in there, and what happens is the piercing going to turn, migrate, shift, and it won’t look as good as it originally did.

So once the swelling’s gone down, downsize to a nice tight barbell—not too tight, but tight enough.

Does Forward Helix Piercing Hurt?

Do forward helix piercings hurt? Are forward helix piercings painful? As far as the pain goes on this one, I can’t imagine it being that bad. It’s just cartilage, right?

It’s middle to high on the pain scale. It’s a weird spot, to be honest. The reason I say that is because it depends on which piercing you’re getting.

If you’re just getting one, it won’t be as high as that. I base that on the second piercing. And if you’re going to get the third piercing, it’s probably a little bit higher than that. I’m just being honest; I want to warn you. So if you want that triple or more, it’s going to hurt a little bit.


Forward helix piercing is a beautiful piercing with lots of options. The most popular picture, as we see, has the large, medium, and small gems. You can also alternate the sizes and add gem clusters or little flowers. The options are unbelievable. There are so many things you can do with this one.

Keep in mind, it’s going to hurt, and it’s going to be a nice long healing process. It may cost a little bit more because you’ll need to downsize the bars once it’s all healed up.

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