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5 Piercings Most Likely To Get Bumps

5 Piercings Most Likely To Get Bumps

My name is Molly. I’m a professional body piercer, and today we’re going to talk about the top 5 piercings most likely to get bumps.

Bridge Piercing

Number five on the list today is going to be the bridge piercing or the Earl, right at the top of the nose. These generally get a lot of crusties during the healing process, and the swelling fluctuates back and forth. So, keep the swelling down and keep these ones clean.

Navel Or Belly Button Piercing

Number four on the list is going to be the navel or belly button piercing. Now, these piercings are notorious for bumps, generally because of higher-waisted pants. If your pants are closed and pressing up against it, it’s getting irritated, and you’re going to get those bumps.

Nostril Piercing

Number three on the list of piercings most likely to get bumps is the nostril piercing. It’s a real simple piercing, sometimes they’re completely problematic, but it’s those towels and shirts they’re notorious for getting caught and pulling on them. That’s the irritation that generally causes this bump. So gently pat dry your face and be careful not to get caught on anything.

Industrial Piercing

Number two on the list today of piercings most likely to get bumps is going to be an industrial piercing. Now, these ones, it makes sense why they get bumps.

Most other piercings can kind of twist and contort, these ones are stuck in one position, and if you’re sleeping on it, it’s getting irritated. So, you need to be sleeping on the other side and make sure you keep the crusties off these piercings. Keep it clean.

Snug Piercing

And finally, number one on the list of piercings most likely to get bumps is a snug piercing. Now, these piercings hit some dense cartilage.

If you’re sleeping on it, it instantly gets irritated, and the bumps happen. I always see bumps on these piercings. So, once the bumps go down a little bit and the swelling’s gone down, downsize your piercing. This really helps a lot.

What To Do After Getting Bumps

So bumps do happen. If you get one, it’s not the end of the world. Generally, don’t put any other oils or treatments on there. Try to leave it be, and the bump should go away on its own.

Now, if you’ve had problems with bumps on other piercings, let me know.

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