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things to know before getting an industrial piercing

Things To Know Before Getting An Industrial Piercing

What to know before getting an industrial piercing? In this article, we’ll discuss things to know before getting an industrial piercing.

6 Things To Know Before Getting Industrial Piercing

In the following part, we will share 6 important things to know before getting an industrial piercing.

1. Anatomy Check

The first thing to know before getting an industrial piercing is that it requires an anatomy check. What is an anatomy check? It’s when a piercer needs to examine your ear to ensure it’s suitable for a piercing.

Before you get your hopes up and have a strong desire to get an industrial piercing, check with a piercer in person. This is very important because pictures and videos do not do justice. Get your ear checked out in person to see if it’s actually possible for you to get an industrial piercing.

There are many ears out there that are not suitable for it. For example, half of the people who want an industrial piercing, unfortunately, have to be turned away because their ears aren’t suitable.

So, if you don’t have the right ear for it, a good alternative to an industrial piercing is a flat piercing helix stuffed in the upper region of the ear to mimic the look of an industrial piercing. Therefore, get an anatomy check before getting your hopes up. That’s the first point of the day.

2. Make Sure You’re Healthy

The second thing to know before getting an industrial piercing, and this applies to all piercings in general, is to ensure that you’re healthy.

The reason for this is that you need your immune system to be able to handle the piercing, fight off any bacteria or infection, and facilitate the healing process. If you’re not healthy, with symptoms like coughing or any kind of illness, wait until you’re in good health.

You need to feel good and have your piercing heal properly. Being healthy before getting piercings is of utmost importance.

3. Make Sure Your Ears Are Very Clean

Things To Know Before Getting An Industrial Piercing-Clean Ear
Things To Know Before Getting An Industrial Piercing-Clean Ear

The third thing is also relevant to all piercings, but I specifically mention it for industrials because it is pierced through the frontal part of the ear.

Make sure you clean your ears very thoroughly before getting a piercing. It’s extremely important because sometimes when we perform this piercing, even though we clean it, we don’t want to have to remove years’ worth of crust, hair buildup, or hair dye.

So, do a thorough job of cleaning your ears before you come in for the piercing. This way, we can get right into it and get it done. If your piercer is careless and doesn’t clean the area properly, it can lead to an infection.

Do yourself a favor and ensure your ears are completely clean, especially the area where you’re getting the piercing. This way, you’ll have a healthy piercing.

4. Get Your Hair Done Before

Another thing to know before getting an industrial piercing is to cut or style your hair appropriately. You need to make sure you prepare your hair for the piercing, especially since it’s part of the top part of the ear.

You need to consider the location of your sideburns and the back of your hair. Ensure that you either bobby-pin it, tie it up or use some gel to hold your hair up and away from the pierced area. It’s crucial to take these precautions if you’re planning to get an industrial piercing.

When getting a haircut, I would highly, highly suggest you do that prior because once you start getting this piercing, and if you’re going for your first haircut, they might accidentally snag it or hit it with the clippers in that area.

So, cut your hair before that and control your hair before that. It’s a really good idea to take care of that before getting this piercing so you don’t have to deal with any complications.

5. Be Prepared The Day Before

The second-to-last point that you should know before getting this piercing is to be prepared the day before the piercing. As I said, you have to cut your hair and style it. You want to be healthy, clean, and all that. All this kind of stuff builds up to that.

So, the night before, get some good sleep, stay hydrated, and have a good meal. All these things need to be done before getting a piercing because industrial piercing can be a little bit painful. I have to admit that.

You want to mentally prepare yourself by getting a good night’s sleep, being healthy, drinking plenty of water, and making sure all your appointments are set up. Being prepared before the day of the piercing will help you have a great experience.

Do yourself and your piercer a favor and be as prepared as possible before the day of the piercing. That way, everything goes a-okay.

6. Choose Suitable Industrial Piercing Jewelry

The last thing to know before getting an industrial piercing is to look at all the jewelry options that are out there. See what fits for you beforehand because when you’re getting a piercing, you obviously want a particular kind of jewelry to put in your ear. You can choose titanium earrings in our shop.

Look at all your options and see if that jewelry is suitable for you. As I mentioned, an anatomy check is required before you get this piercing. So, see if the piece you’re looking at, the one you’re in love with, will actually fit your ear and if it’s the right size.

Do all your research about the jewelry you’re about to get or that you plan to get in the future. This way, when it’s time to switch to a nice piece, it will fit you properly. This is so important because many times people have a love for a certain piece of jewelry, but when the time comes for the piercing to be healed and the jewelry to be installed, it doesn’t fit correctly. They become disappointed and might lose interest, eventually removing the piercing.

So, do your research on the jewelry you’re getting. Let your piercer know which one you want, whether it’s for now or in the future. Ensure that it’s the right fit for you. This way, you won’t get your hopes up only to be disappointed. So, do your research and have a happy, healthy piercing.


I hope these things to know before getting an industrial piercing are helpful. Remember to prioritize your anatomy check, health, cleanliness, and hair preparation to ensure a successful and enjoyable piercing experience.

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