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styling ear piercings

Styling Ear Piercings-10 Things To Know

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 things you should know before styling ear piercings.

Is The Anatomy Of Ear Right For Piercings?

The first thing you should know before styling ear piercings is anatomy. What is anatomy? It’s not something you learned in science class. It’s what you’re going to learn today in this article. Actually, I did learn something about anatomy in school. However, today it’s about ear anatomy.

ear anatomy
ear anatomy

When talking about ear anatomy, there are many different parts of the ear, various sizes, colors, and shapes. When you’re studying anatomy, you need to know what you’re looking at. You need to understand what would fit where, what size pieces would work well, and what kind of piercings would be more suitable than others.

Thus, you really need to understand the person’s ear before you start any kind of ear piercing styling. Anatomy is of utmost importance. Having someone look at your anatomy and provide suggestions on what would look good where and what size would be appropriate is crucial.

What Types Of Piercings Exist?

The second thing you should know before styling ear piercings is existing piercings. Obviously, some people come in with a lot of piercings. Sometimes, all they really need is a nice makeover. They need something new, something more cohesive, something that matches, something with the right colors.

Existing piercings are important because you’re already working with someone’s previous work. The angle, the jewelry – everything that’s there – you need to incorporate what you have and then build upon it.

Sometimes, with new jewelry, you might have to retire a piercing. In other cases, you’ll add one to complement it. Deciding what will look good involves many considerations. You have to take existing piercings into account.

As I mentioned, you might either add more, remove them completely, or introduce something new to enhance their appearance.

Styling Ear Piercings Budget

The third thing is the ear piercing styling budget. Not everyone has a million dollars to spend on their ears, right? Sometimes, you have a specific amount of money you want to invest in making your ear look good. That’s perfectly fine.

Different styles require different types of metals. Minimalistic styles generally cost less as they require fewer materials. If you want something elaborate with numerous elements, it will naturally cost more due to the additional piercings and jewelry.

leaf hypoallergenic titanium stud earrings
leaf hypoallergenic titanium stud earrings

Alternatively, a minimalistic style with real diamonds will be more expensive than someone with many piercings but at a lower cost due to different jewelry quality. Your budget plays a significant role.

So, the first thing you definitely want to communicate to your stylist is, “I have a certain amount of money I want to spend, so work with me.” Based on that, we can determine whether we’ll go for a more extensive approach, a more minimalistic one, or perhaps incorporate pricier pieces strategically in certain key areas. Working within someone’s budget is always possible. It’s important to establish this before embarking on the project.

The Abundance Of Ear Piercings

The next point concerns an abundance of piercings. This is a somewhat controversial topic that frequently generates a lot of comments. The number of piercings you opt for during a session is crucial.

While we generally recommend a smaller number due to better healing, some clients are insistent on getting numerous piercings in a single session. In such cases, we make sure to provide all the necessary warnings and information. We want them to be fully aware of the potential situation before proceeding. This decision comes down to a simple yes or no. If they choose to proceed, it becomes our responsibility to monitor their progress closely. We check in frequently, ensuring their piercings are healing well.

If any piercings are swollen or require adjustments, we’re there to assist. Nevertheless, we do lean towards a smaller number, ideally three to four, if they’re well-spaced. Of course, if someone wishes to get more, the choice is theirs.

Just remember to take good care of them. Accidents can happen, but exercising your best judgment is essential.

Ear Piercings Styles

Moving on to ear piercings styles. Not everyone has the same preferences, and that’s the beauty of this process. Some individuals might lean towards gold, while others prefer silver. Some may want to mix and match. The array of possible styles is virtually endless. It aligns with clothing choices too.

People with a vintage or chic vibe might opt for crystals or matching stones. Those who prefer a more bold, extravagant appearance might choose large stones to adorn their ears lavishly. It’s crucial to recognize and embrace your own personal style.

I always recommend ensuring that your ear style aligns with your outfit and overall persona. It’s a harmonious relationship. If your hairstyle has a certain flair, your ear piercings style should complement it. Similarly, if your clothing follows a specific style, your ear style should harmonize with that. Everything comes together in a unified circle. It’s vital that all elements match and look cohesive.

Styles Of Piercing Jewelry

Moving on to ear piercing jewelry style, which is akin to your overall style, but more nuanced.

Jewelry is, obviously, very important. Color is also significant. There’s an emerald green, a classier color that’s going to pop more. As I mentioned before, the tassels add a certain element, even if you opt for plain gold hoops with plain gold crystals because you’re not aiming for bling. You need to choose pieces that match this vibe. Your style, your main pieces, the earrings you start with—they should all complement each other.

Ear piercing jewelry selection should have a level of cohesiveness. Unless you’re deliberately aiming for an eclectic look, it’s best if you seek some form of harmony. If you’re consulting a stylist, you’ll probably want your pieces to have a certain vibe. They should be carefully chosen, often with a theme like florals, opals, or even an all-gold theme.

So yes, jewelry pieces carry significant weight and should be somewhat cohesive. After all, looking good requires style, right?

Ear Piercing Healing Time

Moving on to the next point you should know before styling ear piercings: ear piercing healing. Now, I’m not talking about the healing you see on TV, baby. Actual healing is very crucial. If you’re getting numerous piercings, you’re signing up for a considerable healing process.

If you’re starting from scratch, building up your ear will take time. A more elaborate look will demand more healing compared to a minimalistic approach. It’s important to understand how many piercings you’re getting and the required healing time. Fewer piercings at a time means a longer healing process since you’re gradually making changes.

Remember, healing is a journey, folks. You don’t need to rush and do it all in one go unless that’s your preference. Enjoy the process; add a few pieces here and there. Experiment, feel it out, observe how it looks and how it’s healing.

If all goes well, add a few more. Having a general plan is wise. Although changes might occur as you go along, if you’re making gradual changes, you’re less likely to end up with a look you dislike a year or two later.

Slowly add pieces, allow them to heal properly, and as you progress, your envisioned look will start taking shape. Remember, piercings aren’t permanent—fortunately.

Learn more here: Is your piercing healing right?

High-Quality Piercing Jewelry

Moving on, it’s all about quality piercing jewelry, not quantity. When selecting pieces for your ear styling journey, prioritize quality. Quality lasts longer. Investing slightly more in better quality items is generally a good choice. For instance, titanium and 14k gold are often the higher quality metals we prefer, as they stand the test of time.

If you’re aiming for pieces that have higher quality, they’ll endure longer wear. Picking something that will withstand the passage of time, depending on your lifespan, is wise. Opt for longevity, as you intend to wear these pieces for an extended period. It’s not like purchasing jeans from Forever 21 and only wearing them a couple of times—just kidding.

However, some piercing jewelry is of low quality, changing color or breaking easily. Choosing such pieces is a temporary fix. Opting for better quality ensures longevity and satisfaction. It’s a matter of getting your money’s worth. If it’s within your means, consider saving for and investing in one quality piece at a time, rather than acquiring numerous cheap, subpar items. It’s not worth it, you know, and satisfaction is what you seek.

Find The Right Stylist

Moving to the ninth point you should know before styling ear piercings, finding the right professional for the job is crucial. With the growing popularity of ear styling, many professional piercers have taken on the role of stylist. They curate and design ear looks. There’s remarkable work out there.

Research extensively, seeking out those who do more than just piercings. They plan looks, select jewelry, and consider worldwide options. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube showcase such talent globally. Engage with them, plan your look, and pick the right person for the task. It’s essential to find someone who possesses style and understands piercings, healing, and jewelry quality—all the aspects I’ve mentioned earlier.

The right person ensures your happiness and satisfaction. So, invest time in research to secure the perfect person for the job.

We Can Style Ear Piercings

You can choose us for your ear piercing styling needs. If you need help, you can send us an email, we can create the best ear piercing styles for you. Experience a real-time look creation, choose jewelry, select piercings—we can oversee the entire process, A to Z. I’m eager to assist you.

Conclusion On Styling Ear Piercings

Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure imparting these 10 vital aspects of styling ear piercings to you, armed with these 10 crucial insights, venture into the world of ear styling with confidence, creativity, and an understanding that your ears are a canvas waiting for you to create a masterpiece.

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