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ear piercing mistakes

Ear Piercing Mistakes

In this article, we’re going to discuss five ear piercing mistakes that might be harming your ear piercings. Let’s dive right in.

Sleeping On Your Piercings

Ear piercing mistake number one: Sleeping on your piercings.

This is one of the worst things you could do. When you rest your head on the pillow, the weight of your head exerts pressure on your ear, leading to swelling and various complications. So, please, avoid sleeping on your piercings.

While it might be challenging for those who sleep on their sides or turn their heads, a good solution is using an airplane pillow, neck pillow, or even pillows with holes specifically designed to alleviate this issue. Learn more here.

There are numerous products available that can help you sleep comfortably while still allowing your piercings to heal properly. Look into these options and choose what suits you best.

Although technically you can sleep on your piercings if there’s a hole providing space and elevation from the pillow, it’s still considered a mistake. So, aim to avoid it.

Touching Your Piercings

Ear piercing mistake number two: Touching your piercings.

Whether it’s on your ear or anywhere else, refrain from constant touching. While this article focuses on ear piercings, the principle applies universally. You might be at home, bored, and unknowingly fiddling with your piercings. Others, like your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, or even your dog, might inadvertently tamper with them too.

Sometimes, you’re aware of it but do nothing about it, or you might not even realize it’s a concern. I’ve heard stories of someone hugging too tightly, friends casually fidgeting with your piercings during class, and so on. It’s essential to keep your hands, and others’ away from your piercings.

Throughout the day, as you touch various surfaces, your hands accumulate bacteria. When you touch your piercings, this bacteria transfers, leading to infections and various problems. Hence, maintaining distance between your hands and piercings is crucial to prevent these issues.

Snagging Clothing On Your Piercing

Ear piercing mistake number three: Changing clothes, whether it’s undressing or dressing up. The significant error here is acting hastily, especially when tired, intoxicated, or in a hurry. You might end up snagging your jewelry with your clothing, resulting in trauma. This can lead to bleeding, swelling, piercing bumps, and more complications. Therefore, exercise extreme caution when removing or putting on clothes to avoid such incidents.

Remember, when you have a fresh piercing, extra care is paramount. Be cautious and deliberate to ensure a smooth healing process.

Absolutely, there’s no rush, guys. With advancements in medical technology and our increasing lifespan, you likely have around a century ahead. So, no need to hurry. Take your time. Remove and put on your jewelry slowly to avoid any issues.

Switching Piercings Prematurely

Now, the forth on the ear piercing mistakes list is a very common blunder, possibly one of the most prevalent. Let’s say you’ve got a piercing, and the piercer advises you not to switch the jewelry for six months. Yet, after just three months, you consider it’s been half a year, and you decide to change it. That’s called switching a piercing prematurely. You must avoid this.

Replacing your jewelry too soon with something tighter, shorter, or different in shape will cause trouble if your piercing hasn’t fully healed or matured. Be honest with yourself and the piercer. Premature switching ear piercing jewelry prolongs healing time, as the issue you create will need time to resolve. Instead of timely healing, you’ll face unnecessary complications. Be patient, wait for the right time, and don’t rush the process.

Glasses On Set

Now, on to number five. This one’s for those of you who wear glasses or shades. Whether you’re a glasses or shades wearer, be cautious when putting them on.

The stem or whatever you call the back part of your glasses can bump into your piercing and cause problems. Especially if you’ve angled the glasses in a way that the stud gets caught on them. This can be painful and detrimental to the healing process. So, if you’re wearing glasses or shades, ensure they don’t interfere with your piercings.

Remember, taking care of your piercings involves mindful practices in daily activities. Stay cautious and make healing a priority.

Certainly, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution when putting on or taking off glasses. Handle them delicately to prevent any issues, just as I’ve been emphasizing throughout this article.

Taking your time, practicing patience, and being cautious is key to avoiding major problems. Additionally, it’s wise to inform your piercer beforehand if you wear glasses. They can adjust the piercing placement to avoid interference with the glasses, ensuring a smoother healing process.

However, if you’re already pierced, exercise extra care to prevent mishaps.

A Bonus Tip For Ear Piercing Mistakes

Lastly, as a bonus tip, avoid physical altercations. Getting into fights and being punched can lead to piercing complications. Violence isn’t the solution, so steer clear of mosh pits, brawls, or any confrontations. Prioritize the well-being of your piercings.

Conclusion On Ear Piercing Mistakes

That’s a wrap on the five piercing mistakes you should avoid when getting your ears pierced. If you found this post about ear piercing mistakes helpful, remember to share it with your friends.

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