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should i get an industrial piercing

Should I Get An Industrial Piercing?

Hey everybody, I’m Molly, and I have six years of piercing experience. You may ask me: should I get an industrial piercing? Today, I will discuss the pros and cons of industrial piercing. If you’re still on the fence about whether to have an industrial piercing, hope this whole article will help.

Industrial Piercing Cons

Should I get an industrial piercing? Let’s start off with the cons.

  • Number one is that not everybody has the correct ear anatomy for this piercing. If you do not have the anatomy and still get the piercing, it’ll probably end up rejecting.
  • Con number two: industrial piercing takes forever to heal. It can take up to a year to fully heal, so just be ready for that commitment.
  • Number three: Industrial piercing is notorious for getting piercing bumps due to snagging on it, sleeping on it, or even wearing big headphones.
  • And finally, number four: not all piercers know that you have to have the correct anatomy for this piercing. So, if they just mark you up and say, “Let’s do it,” without doing a proper anatomy check, make sure you do not go to that piercer. One of my friends had this piercing, and she does not have the anatomy for it, so it was rejected. So just don’t do it, even if you really want it.

Industrial Piercing Pros

Should I get an industrial piercing? Now, I’ll discuss industrial piercing pros.

  • Number one is going to be that this is a statement piercing. If you really want to spice up your ear look or compliment your other piercings, then this one will look good.
  • Number two: if you get tired of that basic barbell, you can switch it out for two individual piercings. You could do two hoops, a hoop, and a stud, switch it up, and do whatever you like. It is a super versatile piercing.
  • And number three: there is a wide range of variety for all of the different jewelry options for this piercing.
  • And number four: the great thing about this piercing is that it’s basically two piercings in one. If you love getting piercings and you can’t get enough, then this is the piercing for you.

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Should I get an industrial piercing? Well, If you are genuinely passionate about industrial piercing and have the right anatomy, it can be a fantastic addition to your ear look. However, if you do not meet the necessary requirements, it’s essential to resist the temptation, as it may lead to complications and disappointment.

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