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piercing shops near me

Piercing Shops Near Me

Want to find piercing shops near me? In this article, we have summarized everything you want to know about piercing shops, including where to find them, how to choose the right shop, the DOS and donsts of communicating with them, etc. We hope this article is helpful to you.

What Are Piercing Shops?

Piercing shops are spaces or studios where body-piercing services are offered. These establishments perform skin penetration procedures where your skin is punctured to create a hole in a body part where you wish to attach a piece of jewelry. The different services piercing shops provide include:

  • Ears – earlobe, daith, helix, tragus, rook, and conch piercings.
  • Nose – nostril, septum, and bridge piercings
  • Facial- eyelids, cheeks, and eyebrow piercings
  • Lip and tongue piercings
  • Naval(belly button) and hip piercings
  • Nipple piercings

The types of jewelry piercing shops typically attach to piercings include studs, rings, hoops, plugs, and bars. You can choose titanium earrings because it’s safe. Note that many tattoo shops also double as piercing studios.

Why Piercing Shops Are Famous?

It’s not news that piercing shops are increasing in demand in recent times. Although body-piercing has a long history as a means of expression, it’s as trendy as ever today. There are numerous varied reasons why people are increasingly searching for piercing shops near me.

Aesthetic and Creative Reasons

Aesthetic and creative reasons are usually at the top of that list.  You may want to decorate your body for beauty or fashion purposes. People may also want to express their sense of self or creativity. Today, piercing trends continue to attract people interested in body modification.

Cultural Reasons

Other people choose to have their body parts piercings for cultural reasons. In certain cultures, piercings are considered desirable or even traditional. Piercing shops are also becoming more popular as we overcome social taboos.

Society Is More Tolerant and Readily

Piercings were not always viewed in the greatest light. Body modification is used to appeal to a niche crowd, pushing the boundaries of self-expression.

Fortunately, society today is more tolerant and readily accepts piercing as a form of style. Even corporate environments have relaxed policies on piercings. Overall, piercing shops are famous since we are experiencing the best times to explore the world of body modification.

There’s also an increasing demand for high-quality work. While DIY piercing is a thing, it isn’t the most hygienic approach and can lead to infections. Not to mention, it’s susceptible to poor results. Piercing shops have become famous as more people demand safe, high-quality work in regulated establishments.

Looking for Piercing Shops Near Me?

In response to shifting social norms, piercing trends, and a demand for professional work in sterile environments, you may be seeking “piercing shops near me”. If you want the best body piercing result, finding a reputable shop is a must.

Professional piercers work in clean and sterile establishments and know the nuances of body modification. The good news is that there are numerous local options out there, whether it’s your first piercing or you’re looking to add a new one to your collection. Of course, the first step is to search for “piercings shops near me” and then further research into the reputable shops in your area.

How to Find Piercing Shops Near Me With Locator?

Any reputable piercing shop will have an online presence, including a website and Google Business Profile. It, therefore, makes sense that your search for “piercing shops near me” will begin with an online search. The good news is that Google has tools that enable you to locate businesses in your area – Google Local Finder and Google Maps.

Results for Piercing Shops Near Me

Google Local Finder provides search results within a small geographic area, making it easy to find piercing shops near me.

If you are in Soho, New York, for instance, you can start by typing “piercing shops near me” or “piercing shops in Soho, NY” on the standard Google search. Note that you should turn on GPS location on your device.

search results of piercing shops near me
Search results of piercing shops near me

After clicking on the local pack results, Google Local Finder will display a map with multiple piercing shop listings. It also shows relevant information drawn from Google Business Profiles, business websites, Google reviews, and third-party reviews for your evaluation. You can also do the same search in Google Maps, which draws information from Google Business profiles.

Google Maps will show and mark results for “piercing shops near me” based on relevance, prominence, and proximity. It’s similar to Local Finder but covers a wider geographical area. In Maps results, click on “View List” at the bottom.

This list allows you to evaluate individual piercing shops and displays relevant information, including the business website, opening and closing hours, reviews, ratings, contact information, business address, and studio photos.

Click the Navigation Button

From the list of piercing shops near me, you can click the navigation button to get exact directions to your chosen shop. This includes your starting location and different means to get to the shop, including walking, driving, biking, or public transportation.

What Are The Benefits of Piercing Shops Near Me?

There are numerous advantages to opting for piercing shops near me.


The most important is, of course, convenience. Visiting a nearby establishment saves you from a long commute and the associated transport costs. No one wants to travel across towns just for a simple body piercing procedure.

This convenience also means that it’s easier to stay on schedule with any bookings you eventually make. Making it to an appointment on time may be a challenge if the piercing studio is located far away. Establishments near you also save you a lot of valuable time. Once you have located the right piercing shop, you have access to information that enables you to get piercing services conveniently and quickly.

Different Piercing Shops Options

Piercing shops near me also offer you different options. You can easily scope out several establishments within a short time to determine if they suit your needs. Different shops offer different piercing services and customer experiences. The first-hand research you conduct on the ground goes a long way in advising your eventual decision.

Support Local Businesses

Another interesting benefit of choosing a piercing shop near me is that you support local businesses, which comes with many pros. Proceeds from services you purchase at local establishments often circulate back into your community.

This helps stimulate the local economy, especially if you live in a small town. Your support of local businesses also helps create local employment opportunities. Local piercing shops also tend to offer more personalized and customer-centric services.

How to Choose the Right Piercing Shops Near Me?

With plenty of body piercing studios available today, how do you choose the right one for you? To find a reliable “piercing shop near me”, there are various things to keep in mind as you search.

Analyze Online Profile

First, you need to analyze a piercing shop’s online profile.

This includes looking into the shop’s website and Google Business Profile. You can do this after narrowing down the list of potential shops to go to. A reputable shop will have a professional-looking website that lists their services and includes a photo gallery of their work. The website should also have contact information through which you can ask relevant questions.

Important Questions to Ask

Important questions to ask include service options, hygiene standards, and pricing. A reliable piercing shop will readily answer any questions you have.

Look at Online Reviews

It’s also important to look at online reviews and business ratings of the studio. Customer reviews and sentiments are usually good indicators of the experience you should expect.

The right body piercing shop should adhere to high hygiene standards and operate in a clean and sterile environment. Always check a shop’s website to see if they mention these standards. If not, you can call the piercing studio or better yet, visit the shop yourself. A shop that prioritizes hygiene is an establishment you can trust.

Ways to Book Piercing Shops Near Me

There are several ways to book an appointment at a body piercing shop near me. The first is an online booking after you have found a reputable shop near you with the locator tool. Most shops allow you to make a booking directly through their official website. You can also call or email the piercing studio to schedule an appointment.

Another option to book an appointment at piercing shops near me is a traditional walk-in booking. Simply visit the shop and make a booking at the reception. There are also online booking tools and apps, such as Booksy, that enable you to schedule appointments with piercing shops near you.

What Are The Characteristics of a Professional Piercing Shop?


One of the key qualities of a professional body piercing shop is certification. The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) certifies piercing studios. This organization sets the standards that the shops have to meet to receive the necessary certification. APP standards ensure that piercers have the technical skills to carry out high-quality work, maintain superior hygiene, and provide great customer service.

High Hygiene Standards

Hygiene is among the top priorities for a professional piercing studio. Since the business involves skin-penetrating procedures, hygienic practices must be in place to prevent infections. As such, professional shops will implement top-notch business hygiene with clean working spaces.

Piercers will also clean treatment areas between clients. Reputable piercing studios also have equipment in good work order (no broken or rusty equipment). The piercers will sterilize all tools and instruments using an autoclave before use. They also ensure piercing articles are sterile, single-use, and appropriately disposed of.


A professional piercing shop employs well-trained and certified piercers with extensive knowledge and experience in their line of work. This includes in-depth knowledge of the body modification scene, anatomy, piercing techniques, sterility, infection control, aftercare, jewelry quality, and more.

Comfortable Environment

Professional piercers will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible from the moment you walk into the establishment. You should expect to find a safe, serene, and welcoming environment.

Part of this is due to great people skills. Professional piercers are courteous, have great conversation skills and enthusiasm, and have service-oriented mindsets. In such a shop, you will be at ease before, during, and after your piercing procedure.

What is a Member Piercer?

A member piercer is a professional who has been certified by and is an official member of the Association of Professional Piercers. There are various personal and environmental criteria a piercer must meet to be a member.

For example, a piercer must have more than a year of professional piercing experience and work full-time. They should also have undergone specific training related to the profession. Environmental criteria involve aspects concerning the piercing studio, including location, equipment, and hygiene.

Conclusion On Piercing Shops Near Me

Overall, body piercings are a fun and personal form of self-expression. Piercings are becoming trendier as social norms shift and more people embrace this form of body modification.

If you want to find “piercing shops near me” and undergo a body piercing procedure, it’s important to choose a reputable piercing shop. The good news is that it’s easier than ever today to find a professional piercing studio near you using locator tools. With a little bit of research, you’ll be on your way to getting a memorable piercing experience.

Piercing Shops Near Me FAQs

Does your piercing shop provide baby or toddler piercing?

Most piercing shops offer baby ear piercing services.

How much does a piercing cost at a shop?

It depends on the type of piercing. Every shop sets its own prices based on various factors, including location, expertise, and services.

Do you tip your piercer?

Tipping isn’t expected for piercing, but it can be a nice gesture if you had a great experience.

How much is a nose piercing at a tattoo shop?

A nose piercing can cost anywhere between $20 and $30, minus the jewelry.

Can I bring my own jewelry to a piercing shop?

Most piercers have no problem with you bringing your own jewelry. However, they have to check if it’s made of a safe material.

How much are ear piercings at a tattoo shop?

Tattoo shops can charge anywhere between $20 and $50(including the jewelry) for an earlobe piercing.

Is there any piercing shop near me?

Yes. You can easily find piercing studios nearby using locator tools and apps.

Do tattoo shops do piercings?

Many tattoo shops offer body-piercing services, but not all.

Can piercing shops change jewelry?

Professional piercing studios usually accept jewelry changes at a fee. However, some shops don’t accept jewelry they didn’t sell to you.

Do piercing shops take walk-ins?

Yes. Most piercing boutiques accept walk-ins. However, a few shops operate on an appointment basis.

Do piercing shops sell earrings?

Yes. Piercing shops sell earrings and a variety of body jewelry.

How to take care of a new piercing?

Aftercare for a new piercing includes washing with saline solution twice daily, hand washing before touching the area (which you should avoid), applying petroleum jelly to the openings, and leaving the jewelry in for several weeks.

How long does it take for a piercing to heal?

It depends on the piercing site. Earlobes, lips, and eyebrows (6-8 weeks), tongue (3-6 weeks), nostrils (2-8 months), navel (up to 9 months), and nipples (6-12 months).

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