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different kinds of nose rings

Different Kinds of Nose Rings

If you are looking to find the perfect nose ring, but you’re not sure exactly which one to go with, this article is right for you. Because if you didn’t know, there are different kinds of nose rings. I’m going to be going over the pros and cons of each different kind of nose ring so that way, you guys can find one that best suits you. This is gonna kind of be trial and error when it comes to nose rings, but at least with this article, you’ll be educated and be able to figure out at least which one to try first.

What Gauge You Were Pierced With?

The first thing when it comes to different kinds of nose rings, you first want to know what gauge you were pierced with. So if you’re thinking about getting your nose pierced, be sure to find out which gauge you are pierced with.

If you don’t know and you are already pierced, just call your piercing studio where you got pierced and find out what gauge they typically pierce with.

The most common is anywhere between a 22 gauge, which is very thin, to an 18 gauge, which is a little bit thicker. With gauges, the bigger the number, the smaller the gauge, and the smaller the number, like an 18 gauge is thicker.

Different Kinds of Nose Piercings


The first one on the different kinds of nose rings list is a corkscrew. A corkscrew has to be the most common nose ring that piercers pierce with. They can be a little bit tricky to get in, especially if you have nails. That is actually how I lost my first one; I dropped it down the sink because I have long nails.

Some people actually don’t like these because of the way that they hook in your nose; they can kind of look like they’re falling out of your nose, and some people say, “Oh, you got something in your nose.” That’s the most common thing that I hear when people are shopping for nose rings; that’s the biggest objection, I guess you can say, why people don’t like the corkscrew nose rings.

But one good thing about them is that they do stay in pretty well for the most part.


The next one on the different kinds of nose rings list is a labret. This is also a common one that piercers pierce with. Now, the way that a labret is, you have your pin; it has a flat back, and the top piece screws on it.

Also, you would actually have to put this in through the inside of your nose and then screw on the top. Labrets are very common when it comes to cartilage and lip rings, but you can also use them for your nose.

Another thing with labrets is they tend to be on the thicker side; normally, an 18-gauge labret can be pretty good just because they do have that flat back, so you have that smooth surface inside your nose.

L-shaped Nose Rings

Next, we’re gonna be talking about L-shaped nose rings. Now, these are really good if you have a job and you actually need to take your nose ring in and out. This is after the healing period, by the way.

So, after the healing period, if you have a job that you can’t really wear your nose ring and you want a nose ring that you can just take in and out easily, then I would definitely recommend an L shape. The only thing is they, I think, personally fall out a lot. I have tried L shapes; for me, they don’t work, and I do hear this a lot. But I do hear that people like them because of the fact that they can just pop them right in.

Bend-To-Fit Nose Rings

Next, we have bend-to-fit nose rings on the different kinds of nose rings list, and bend-to-fit are great for those with thicker nostrils. If a corkscrew or an L shape, or no other nose ring works for you, then I would definitely recommend a bend-to-fit. It just looks like a regular earring; it’s just longer, and then you can bend it into an L shape to fit your nose.


Next on the different kinds of nose rings list are hoops. When it comes to hoops, you either like them or you don’t. If you want to try a hoop, just keep in mind that once it’s in, it’s gonna take a little bit to get used to.

And that’s the most common thing that I hear with nose rings. “I don’t know if it’s gonna work for me. I don’t know if it’s gonna look right. You just gotta try it and get used to it. You’re not gonna be used to seeing this hoop in your nose the first time you look in the mirror. It is a little bit different.”

There are different types of hoops, but it really depends on your personal style. If you want a plain one, if you want one with stones if you want a long one with a bead on it. So, it depends on your personal style.

I know with me, it depends on what I’m wearing. If I’m feeling very bold, then I’ll wear a hoop nose ring. But for the most part, I just wear a bone, which is the next one I’m going to be talking about.

Bone Nose Rings

This is my personal favorite. The way that they work is just a straight pin, and it has a little ball at the end that prevents it from popping back out. It’s supposed to prevent it from popping back out. I have tried a corkscrew; I have tried an L-shape. They didn’t work for me. So, that is when I tried the bone, and I remember the first time I put mine in, it was a little bit—I remember my eyes tearing up.

It was a lot, but that is why I kept mine in for so many years because I did not want to take it back out. Now, I could just pop it in and out because I’ve had it pierced for eight years. One that I like. I’ve lost two in the past eight years. I like it because when I’m, for example, drying my face and it lets how to get stuck to it, I can feel that little ball at the end try to go back through my nose, and I kind of stop like, “Oh, I can feel it.” That’s why I like it because I haven’t lost it. I didn’t lose it like I lost my corkscrew, which was two weeks after I got my nose pierced, and the L-shape just kept coming in and out when I was sleeping.

How long you’ve had your nose pierced? We have introduced 6 different kinds of nose rings and which nose ring do you prefer the most?

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