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An Easy Earring Hack For Sensitive Ears

An Easy Earring Hack For Sensitive Ears

This is a story from Olivia.

Hi friends! I have small, super sensitive ear lobes, making it difficult to wear earrings. I’ve tried a bunch of different things over the years and finally found something that works. So in this article, I will share my earring hack with you in case you also have sensitive ears.

I have super sensitive skin; by extension, my ears and ear lobes are also super sensitive, and my ear lobes are super small.

I first got my ears pierced when I was about 14. I went to the mall and did it at whatever the equivalent of Claire’s was at that point – Claire’s didn’t exist back then!

I remember coming back and having a lot of trouble with whatever earrings they put in there and having them heal properly, and they got infected a lot.

After a while, I realized that if I use 14-karat gold earrings and studs, that worked for me a bit. And they wouldn’t get too sensitive, but even that wasn’t a hundred percent good. And I struggled with it all for about 10 years because I wanted to wear earrings. After a while, I gave up and let them close.

I tried those clip-ons, the old clip-on earrings from the fifties that you don’t have to have pierced ears for. And those also were generally way too big. And then they would pinch my sensitive ears. I couldn’t wear those either. So I gave up for like the good 10, 15 years.

When my daughter turned about 13 or 14, she and a friend got their ears pierced, and they went to a tattoo place with piercings. Now I was concerned because she also has sensitive skin. I was amazed at how well her ears healed, and whatever they used seemed to work well.

When she decided to get another piercing, I went with her to see what this was all about. This was years before I got my tattoos, and I had never really been in a tattoo place before. So I was just fascinated by all of it, seeing that whole piece of it. But the piercing section was right in that same area, and I was impressed with how it was all done.

The people were super professional and took great pride in their work. They used the highest grade metal, and everything was sterilized in these packages like this before they used them.

They explained to me that the metal was the highest grade and used in medical devices and put inside a person’s body. So that’s why it didn’t cause allergies. And it was perfect for any sensitive skin.

So I repierce my ears right there on the spot, and they did a wonderful job navigating sort of the scar tissue in there. And they put in these wonderful studs and gave us a saline solution, and the healing process and everything was terrific.

I recommend going to a piercing place like this if you’re going to get your ears pierced and you’re at all worried about having sensitivity in your ears.

I wore the studs and different studs in my ears for quite a while, but then I thought hoops would be fun. I went into the piercing shop and started exploring their different hoop types. They explained to me the various gauges of hoops and earrings and their sizes.

Due to my tiny holes and ears, I got small gauged hoops made of 100% gold, which were perfect for my ears. They put them in for me, and I have been wearing them constantly for the past 10 years, while surfing, swimming, and exercising. I don’t feel them at all, and they don’t bother me.

However, they are hard to change out due to their small size and little balls. If I ever need to take them out, I need to go back to the piercing place. But I found out that I could attach things to these hoops, which are strong enough to carry the weight of other objects.

So, I started experimenting with different attachments, which has become my hack. It works well for me, and I can easily change them.

I love the variety of options and have a blast with it. Even though the lighter the attachment, the better, I can wear heavy earrings for a good evening without them hurting my ears.

So, that’s my earring hack for sensitive ears. Do you have sensitive ears? Have you tried something like this before? If not, will you give it a try?

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