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Most Common Piercing Problems

Most Common Piercing Problems

If you have problems with your piercings and are wondering how to fix them, keep reading. In this article, we will go over the most common piercing problems.

The Piercing Is Too Short

So, number one, the piercing is too short. Typically, the initial piercing should be longer to compensate for any swelling when it comes to your piercing.

But this isn’t always the case, depending on where you go. When you get a piercing done at a piercing studio, they should do a consult beforehand. But if you decide to get pierced with a piercing gun, remember that they are pierced with regular earrings. They do have extra-long posts, but you’ll likely have to ask for them.

If you feel you were pierced with too short of a post, go back to your piercer. If you don’t trust them and don’t want to return to the same one, we recommend going to a different piercer and maybe someone who is part of the EPP, the Association of Professional Piercers.

You can go to a safe piercing network, and you’ll be able to find someone that is a part of the EPP. They will guide you in the right direction. Don’t feel bad about going to a piercer, and don’t be embarrassed for any reason.

The Wrong Jewelry

Another common piercing problem is the wrong jewelry. This could be the wrong type of barbell, the wrong type of earring, or even the wrong metal type.

To make sure that you are in good hands, we recommend someone who is a part of the EPP.

Something else that can happen with your piercing is your earring embedded in your ear. This is rare, but it does happen.

The Skin Starts To Grow Around Your Earring

And what happens is the skin starts to grow around your earring. This can happen if your ear becomes too swollen or the jewelry is too short. It’s not pretty. It will help if you try to catch it before it happens and remove the earring. Or if it’s already too late, just go to a piercer, and they can help you.

Piercing Infection

It’s not as common as you think. It’s common for people to get infections and irritated confused. Sometimes, when people see that bump, they think that their piercing is infected. It’s not. It’s usually just irritation. Piercers cannot diagnose infections. You would have to get diagnosed by a doctor.

If you have an infected piercing, you should see a doctor. You may get a fever and chills. Some people may get cold sweats, vomiting, and extreme redness.

Also, a really foul odor, green or grayish pus coming out of it. And again, only a doctor can diagnose a true infection.

How To Style Earrings

How to achieve a gradual look? If you have multiple piercings and need help figuring out where to start, keep reading.

Static Sensitive Earrings

Static sensitive earrings are super affordable and perfect for those with nickel sensitivities.

The biggest tip when trying to achieve this type of look is to stick with either all odd numbers as far as the millimeter size or stick with all even numbers. If you wanted to size up, you would go with the eight-millimeter, six-millimeter, and four-millimeter.

A Mixture Of Stone And Metal

For the second look, we have a mixture of stone and metal. The two balance each other out well.

You can have a sparkle in the cartilage, a bigger stone, the five-millimeter in the second hole, and just plain gold in the hoop in the first hole and the third hole.

These Sun X earrings do have a notch at the end to prevent your backings from coming off. That’s actually where your backing should stay, but putting the backing on a little bit closer to your lobe allows them to sit better because sometimes when your earrings are loose, it makes it look like your holes aren’t even.

If you like to balance things out for this look, you can start with the hoop and end with the hoop. Hoops are so easy to put in and close and seamless.


If you’re unsure and don’t really want to go to the doctor yet and just want peace of mind, go to a piercer. See if they can see whether it’s irritated. If it is infected, they will recommend you see a doctor. Visit our titanium earrings shop, all the earrings are fashion earrings that are super affordable and meant for those with nickel sensitivity. Hope this article about common piercing problems may help you.


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