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Helix Piercing 101

Helix Piercing 101

In today’s article, we will share helix piercing 101: everything you need to know.

What Is A Helix Piercing?

A helix piercing is a piercing done on the upper outside cartilage part of the ear. The term helix anatomically describes that part of the ear, so technically, the industrial is two joint helix piercings. That is also why the forward helix is called what it is, because it’s on the forward part of the helix. Your whole ear is made of cartilage, so this isn’t best described as a cartilage piercing.

The Healing Process For The Helix Piercing

Next is the healing process for the helix piercing. This piercing will take six to eight months to heal fully. Not correctly cleaning or sleeping on this piercing can extend the already long healing process, so please take care of your piercings.

The Starting Jewelry

Now onto the starting jewelry that you should get pierced with for the helix. When getting your helix pierced, you do not want to start off with any hoop jewelry. You technically can, but you shouldn’t at all. 

A hoop earring tends to move around a lot, and it will prolong the healing process. It is also more prone to snagging onto your hair and anything else, leading to piercing bumps and irritation. 

Any type of stud earring will be best, preferably a flat-back earring to prevent snagging from your hair, hats, sunglasses, and hair bands. Anything you accessorize your head with, including masks, you should be given a longer post for your jewelry to allow room for swelling.


When is it time to downsize from the long post you got pierced with? When the swelling has gone down, and your ear is healed halfway, which takes anywhere from one to three months. Most of the time, you can downsize your jewelry to a regular shorter post. 

Switching out your jewelry prematurely can, and most likely will, prolong your healing process, so do not do that. If you are still determining if your piercing should be downsized, go to the local piercer you trust and have them take a look at it. They will let you know if your piercing is ready to be switched out or if you need to wait a little longer. 

Be sure to have your piercer’s approval before downsizing or switching out your jewelry. The reason to downsize this piercing on the halfway mark is that if you wait for the full duration with your long post in your ear, it will most likely snag on your hair and everything else we previously mentioned. It can and most likely will start growing in a different direction as a result. So make sure to downsize the piercing when it’s one to three months, at least halfway healed.

Aftercare Of Helix Piercing

Finally, onto the aftercare of this helix piercing. Make sure to clean this piercing with the saline wound wash twice a day, front and back. Do not put alcohol, peroxide, ointments, oils, creams, potions, and serums. Only use your saline wound wash spray because often, what works for one person won’t work for somebody else, like tea tree oil.

So, just use your saline wound wash, and you’ll be safe. You can spray the site directly. No Q-tips or gauze is necessary unless you’re wiping excess solution not on the piercing site. 

Here are a couple of tips if you plan on getting this piercing: obviously, avoid sleeping on it. Be careful when changing your clothing and washing your hair to avoid snagging the piercing. 

If you plan on getting your hair done in any manner, make sure to do so before to avoid your hairdresser from snagging the piercing and getting any chemicals in or around the ear, which will also cause irritation. 

Do not over-clean it because that can also cause complications. Other than that, don’t play with it or mess with it; just let it heal on its own.

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