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5 Important Conch Piercing Facts

5 Important Conch Piercing Facts

Hi everyone, do you know important conch piercing facts? Today, we’re going to be talking about important facts you should know for getting your conch pierced.

Never Start With A Ring

Firstly, it is never recommended to start with a ring when getting piercings. While the internet is filled with contributions showcasing rings, it’s not the ideal choice from the beginning.

The safest approach is to start with a titanium stud. Allow it some time to heal, typically around six to nine months, and then you can switch to a ring.

Piercing with a ring often leads to various problems, such as developing a large bump in the front or back, which takes a long time to disappear. The bump usually goes away only when you switch back to a stud.

Learn how to get rid of piercing bump

Therefore, my biggest suggestion is to begin your piercing journey with a stud, let it heal properly, and only change to a ring when your piercer confirms it’s safe.

Try To Wear A Cuff

The second important fact about conch piercings is that you can try wearing a cuff before committing to a piercing or a ring.

A cuff is a ring with an opening that you can easily slip onto your ear and take off. There are numerous designs available, so I highly recommend trying a cuff.

You might find that it fulfills your desired look without needing an actual piercing. If you love the cuff, you may decide to get the piercing as well, or you can simply stick with the cuff alone. Both options are perfectly fine since it’s ultimately about achieving the desired aesthetic.

Start With Titanium Flat Back Earrings

push back titanium earring for conch piercing

The third crucial fact regarding conch piercings is to start with a stud, preferably one with a flat back. This type of jewelry is considered the best for healing.

Hoops and curved barbells have been tried, but the industry recognizes that studs are the optimal choice. They provide a straight, snug fit that promotes proper healing.

Additionally, studs can look fantastic too. Despite the initial desire for a hoop, many people find that a well-designed stud complements their overall look.

So, always begin with a stud when getting a piercing. You might even fall in love with it and decide against a hoop altogether, or you can have the option for both by starting with a stud and switching to a hoop after proper healing.

Let Piercer Know You Want A Ring

The fourth vital fact about getting a conch piercing is to inform your piercer about your future plans. This is crucial because the piercer needs to know where to place the piercing for it to fit properly.

If you forget to communicate this, and the piercing is placed in a random spot, you may encounter difficulties when trying to find a fitting ring later on. By discussing your intentions with the piercer beforehand, they can ensure that the conch ring fits as intended when it’s time to shop for one.

Do yourself a favor, do your piercer a favor, let them know that you want a ring, and let them know maybe which ring you want, particularly with that size and that style. They can fit it to fit your ear perfectly.

Not Sleep On It

The last fact about getting a conch piercing is to be prepared to not sleep on it. This is a point that I mention because I kind of want to drill it into people’s heads because I don’t feel like they understand how serious it is.

If you sleep on your piercings, you’re going to have many issues, and it’s going to prolong the healing process.

Sometimes it’s going to bug you so much that you’ll just take it out and say bad things about the piercing, but it’s your own fault in the first place. Do yourself a favor, prepare for it.

If you need to buy some kind of pillow or something to prevent you from sleeping on it, maybe get used to the other side for a couple of days before you actually get the piercing. Just be prepared not to sleep on it because that’s going to be the biggest issue for why your piercings are not healing. So don’t sleep on it, guys.


Remember, it’s essential to prioritize safety and proper healing when getting any piercing. Starting with a stud, trying a cuff, and communicating with your piercer will greatly contribute to a successful conch piercing experience. Exact spot it needs to be, so that when it’s time to purchase a hoop or put in the hoop, it’s going to fit like a glove, and you’ll be super, super happy. Are you thinking about it?

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