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Hide Ear Piercing School

Hide Ear Piercing School

It’s back-to-school season. I know most of you have already started school. But during this time of year, a lot of people get brand new fresh piercings and they get these piercings without realizing that either their school doesn’t allow them, they can’t wear them for the gym, they can’t wear them for swimming, or some type of sport doesn’t allow them. And then they’re just like, ‘What the hell? What do I do?’, how to hide a ear piercing from school?


So, in today’s article, I’m gonna be sharing with you guys two ways to hide your piercings: one for the initial healing period if you can’t take out your earrings, and two for the in-between stage where it’s after the healing period but you still do need to keep an earring in to keep that channel formed.

Piercing Healing Period

I just want to explain something really quick because I know if not, you will get a lot of questions about it, and that is the healing period. So, we’re gonna go over aftercare for your earlobe.

You need to keep your earring in for 6 weeks—6 weeks being the optimal time. I know some people say 4 to 6 weeks, some people say 6 to 8 weeks. That’s what I’m just gonna say: 6 weeks.

What this means is you have to keep your earrings in continuously for that whole six weeks. Even when you clean them, you don’t take your earrings out to clean them. You don’t take your earrings out to clean the jewelry. Just keep them in and let them be. Because if not, you do risk them closing.

After that 6 weeks, you need to keep an earring in for at least a year. So, after 6 weeks, you can change them. As soon as you take one earring out, you put a new one in.

And for the cartilage, it’s 8 to 12 weeks—12 weeks being the optimal time. The longer, the better. After the 12 weeks, you can change your earrings. Just make sure, as soon as you take one out, you put a new one back in. In that way, your ear is never without an earring.

Now, these are estimates because everybody is different. Not everyone is gonna heal the same. If your friend healed quicker, that is her body. And it’s not to say that you are gonna heal in the same amount of time.

Piercings Heal From The Outside In

Also, piercings heal from the outside in. So, they might not look like they’re healed from the outside, but on the inside, they are not a hundred percent. But I’m saying all this just so that way you do not take your earrings out sooner than you’re supposed to. Because if you do, you’re gonna risk them closing.

And yes, that is even for an hour, even for, like, 45 minutes. The whole time you have gym, if you try to take your earring out and put a new one in, you’re gonna be struggling. You’re gonna start freaking out because you can’t get your earring in the middle of the school day. So, that’s why I’m telling you guys all this information.

2 Ways To Hide Ear Piercing School

Hide Piercing With Your Hair

Also, every school is going to be different, and every sport is gonna be different. So, my first tip is just for the people that cannot take their earrings out. This is for the healing period. And this may seem obvious to some, but it’s actually just to put a band-aid over your earrings.

Hide Piercing With Your Hair
Hide Piercing With Your Hair

This is gonna work really well for girls because you can kind of hide it with your hair. And the band-aid is gonna cover, like, the cubic zirconia. So you’re not gonna see the flash. It’s gonna be a lot easier, also, if you have a flat earring because it’s not gonna stick out like a cubic zirconia.

In the beginning, they might start to irritate your ear just because they’re hugging your ear and not letting your ear breathe. So, it’s gonna create a moist environment. Bacteria love a moist environment, so just be aware of that. It’s not something that I would recommend keeping a bandaid on all day long. As soon as you can, take it off.

Also, I would suggest getting a bandaid that matches your skin tone. They do have them out there; I’ve seen them on Amazon. Or you can maybe get a bandaid and put some makeup on the bandaid before you put it on your ear. It’s not the best idea; I would just advise getting a skin tone bandaid. That’s just so you can hide your earrings more easily.

Change Your Earrings

My next trick is for after the healing period, meaning that you can change your earrings but you still have to keep an earring in for at least a year. I would recommend what is called a medal. Obviously, or a retainer. You can find these online, and you can find a large quantity.

The reason why I would wait to use these until after the healing period is that they are plastic. So, after you get your ears pierced, it may be a little bit harder to get them in and out. Plus, they are a little bit thicker just because it is what is called a metal allergy sleeve.

The reason why they call it a metal allergy sleeve is that it’s thicker; there’s actually a hole in between. You can put a regular titanium earring in the hole. If you have metal allergies and can’t wear custom jewelry, you can put a regular earring through that hole and it won’t irritate your ear.

Now, the metal allergy sleeves are more of a temporary fix. I wouldn’t keep plastic in my ear that long. These are also great if you have a job where you can only wear one piercing and you need to temporarily fill those other piercing holes.

I hope you guys found these tricks from hide ear piercing school helpful.

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