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Can I Use Q Tips To Clean My Piercings

Can I Use Q Tips To Clean My Piercings?

Can I use Q tips to clean my piercings? In this article, we’re going to discuss about piercings and Q-tips. The reason why you’re probably seeing this article is because you may realize that there are piercers that recommend using Q-tips when it comes to aftercare. Then, there are other piercers who don’t recommend Q-tips. So, it can be very confusing, and I completely understand. That’s what we’re going to be going over in this article: Can you use Q tips to clean piercings?

Why Piercers Recommend Q-tips To Clean Piercings

There are piercers that recommend Q-tips, and the reason is that it’s easier to either put the aftercare on the bottle or it’s just easier to get the product behind the earring and get to the actual wound. It seems more sterile, it’s better than using your hands, and it helps remove some of the crusties that people get behind their piercings. So, that’s why a lot of people use Q-tips.

Why Do Piercers Not Recommend Q-tips To Clean Piercings

On the other hand, why do piercers not recommend Q-tips?

Well, on Q-tips, there are little fibers, and those little fibers can get into your piercing and actually irritate your piercing. Now, if your piercing gets irritated, you can get what is called a piercing bump or an irritation bump.

Difference Between Keloids And Irritation Bumps

Some people confuse keloids and irritation bumps, but a keloid is actually scar tissue, whereas an irritation bump or piercing bump—you just have to figure out what the irritation is, and it will eventually go away.

Little story: Back when I got my nose pierced years ago, I did use a Q-tip to clean my piercing. I would notice after I cleaned my piercing, I would pick off the little fibers from my nose ring. The little fibers do get trapped underneath your piercing, or they get stuck to the crusties. So, that’s what happened to my piercing, and eventually, I did get a piercing bump.

Four Reasons Why You Get A Piercing Bump

There are normally four reasons why you get a piercing bump.

  • Number one is improper aftercare, so whether that’s using something that’s too harsh for aftercare or maybe using a Q-tip and that type of aftercare is affecting your piercing.
  • Number two is improper jewelry. Maybe the jewelry is too long, maybe it’s too short, or maybe it’s not good quality.
  • The third reason is trauma, so that could be hitting it, maybe getting your piercing caught onto your shirt or something.
  • Number four is maybe it was just pierced wrong. So, those are the four things that normally cause a piercing bump.

Can You Use Saline Nasal Spray For Piercings?

So, what can you do instead? For one, just use a spray. This is simply saline. It’s just a saline wound solution that you can find either on Amazon or any drugstore. Any type of spray, you just spray your piercing, and the spray is just meant to get out any dirt or debris from your piercing.

And then, you let your body do its natural way of healing.


Can I use Q tips to clean my piercings? I think you don’t need a Q-tip. If you do have those crusties around your piercing, what you can do is just use some type of gauze, use the corner of it, and use that with some type of spray. Kind of wet it and get rid of the crusties that way.

I know that this is pretty controversial, and there are piercers that still recommend them. But on the other hand, there are more and more piercers that are now coming out and saying no, A Q-tip isn’t the best because it can irritate your piercings.

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